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The WW restaurant points tables have a new look and feel. This change will make it easier for you to find your favorite menu items from your favorite places to eat.

Below are some helpful tips on how to use this new format.

Once you use the Weight Watchers restaurant points table format, I think you will find the new format very useful.

There are a few reasons this change was made. First and foremost it is more user friendly, making your experience easier and faster to find what you need.

Secondly, this new format allows the restaurant page to be much smaller in size. This means the pages will load faster.

Lastly, updating the pages is much easier with the new format. This means we should be able to keep pages more up to date as restaurants update their nutrition.

So take a look at the tips below (complete with screen shots) and then go on over to your favorite restaurant page to find the WW points for your favorite menu items.

How to Use the Interactive Table

Below outlines the various interactive features of the table.

You can use them all or just the ones you find useful.

The WW restaurant points table will default to showing all menu groups with a display of only 10 items.

Menu items are sorted in alphabetic order.

There are five key areas that can be used to help you quickly find the items you are looking for.

In addition to the interactive features there is an information area that is also explained below.
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screen shot
The first is the menu group drop down list.

The next is the items drop down list.

The third is the search box.

The fourth feature is the sorting.

The last feature is paging through the table.

Each time you use one of the interactive features, the information bar is also updated.

This information area will explain what entries are showing based on what feature you have used.

In the above screen shot, the WW restaurant points table is displaying 10 items out of a total of 116 entries. As each of the interactive features are explained below, how the information bar is updated is also explained.

Menu Group

Each restaurant page has it's own unique set of menu groups based on their menu outline.

If you are looking for WW restaurant points for a particular area or item, you can use the drop down selection list to narrow down the table.

screen shotBy default all menu groups are shown when you first enter that WW restaurant points table.

Just click on the down arrow to open up the selection list. This list is sorted alphabetically..

screen shotClick on the menu group you want to display.

Once a menu group is selected, only those items within that group will be displayed.

You will see that the menu group now shows the selected group and not "All" entries.

You will also notice that the table is filtered from the original entries. This is seen by looking at the bottom of the table in the information bar.  screen shot

Entries selection

As mentioned above, the table will display only 10 records at a time by default.

This means when you first enter the WW restaurant points page, only 10 records are displayed in the current table view.

You can easily display more entries at a time or choose to display all menu items.

screen shotSimply use the "Show Entries" drop down selection list. You can choose 10, 25, 50, 100 or all entries from the selection list.

Once you have selected the number or items, the WW restaurant points table is automatically refreshed to show the number of entries based on your selection.

You will see the information below the table change to show that more entries are displayed at one time based on your selection.

screen shot

Search box

This is one of the most helpful features especially if you are not sure what menu group the item is in.

Instead of scrolling through the entire table, you can type in a specific search term.

As you type, the WW restaurant points table is automatically filtered to only display items that contain your search term.

screen shotAs you can see in this screen shot, the search term "bacon" was used keeping the menu group as "All".

Based on this search term with the "All" menu group, 8 items were found.

There are 4 items that belong to the "Breakfast" menu group and 4 items in the "Sandwiches" menu group.

The search box works with other interactive features of the WW restaurant points table.

So if you had selected the "Breakfast" menu group first, then typed in "Bacon", only the 4 items within that menu group would be displayed.

In addition, the search term feature looks for all items that "contain" that search term.

screen shotThis means that it does not have to be an exact match.

For example, if you typed in bacon cheese, all entries with the words bacon and cheese would be shown.

So for this example, all four bacon breakfast sandwiches are shown plus the Angus Three Cheese and Bacon is shown.

The most important thing to remember when using the search term is to be aware of what menu group is currently selected.

If "Beverages" are selected and you search for "bacon", more than likely nothing would be found.

To clear your current search simply use the "x" that is shown when a word is in the search box or backspace to clear the words.

Be sure to hit "enter" after this to refresh the WW restaurant points table.


This feature is great for finding the lowest (or highest) Weight Watchers Points, calories or whatever nutrition value you are interested in.

The WW restaurant points table can quickly be sorted in ascending or descending order by any of the columns in the table.

screen shotTo sort in ascending order by your chosen column, just click once in the column header.

In this screen shot example, the Pts+ column was clicked once.

As you can see, all the entries are now sorted with the lowest points first.

If you are trying to find an item with the lowest points to stay within your daily allowance, this would be a quick and easy way to see what you can order.

Of course, if the "All" menu group is selected, then you will see sides, beverages, entrees, etc.

So it may be useful to first select a menu group like "Breakfast", "Entrees", etc. before sorting.

When the table is filtered, only the filtered items will be re-sorted based on the column you selected.

If you want to sort by the highest values, then just click again on the same column heading.

screen shot
This will change the WW restaurant points table to be sorted in descending order.

This can be useful to know which menu items to stay away from if you are close to your daily and weekly allowance.

This is also useful for those people trying to watch their intake of sodium, sugars or carbohydrates.

Since the sort feature only sorts the existing records, the information bar at the bottom will not change (unless you have applied a filter by selecting menu group or using the search box).


Since the table will first be displayed with only 10 items showing, there is a paging feature that you can use to scroll through the entire table.

This paging is shown at the bottom of the table. The buttons will be greyed out if not available on the current screen.

For example, if you are on the first page, the "previous" button will be greyed out.

Similarly, if there is only 1 page based on any search or menu group filtering, then all the buttons will be greyed out.

To scroll through the table, simply select the "next" button or use the page number buttons on the bottom.

As you scroll through, the current page you are on will be highlighted. In the screen shot example below, you can see that it is showing that you are on page 3.

In addition, the information bar is updated to show you are viewing 11 to 20 items of a total of 32 entries in the table that has been filtered from a total of 116 menu items.

screen shot

You can always go back to the first page quickly by either clicking on the "1" or click on the "First" button.

Hopefully this help page helps you find your favorite menu items and the Weight Watchers Points or nutrition information associated with that restaurant.

If you are ready to get interactive, then go to the WW restaurant points page.

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