Exercise Guide / Weight Loss Guide

Getting Started On Your Weight Loss and Exercise Goals

This exercise guide and weight loss guide will help you get started on your health journey.

Before you start to find the best fat burning exercises and the best way to lose weight, there are a few things to think about first.

Take some time to evaluate yourself when it comes to exercise and weight loss.

What has or has not worked for you in the past.

Think of things that may be your "red flags" or barriers that are stopping you from starting your exercise routine and eating healthy.  

Make adjustments in your current lifestyle.  Clean out the cupboards and throw away the tempting foods.

Get up earlier or make time in your day for your exercise routine.

Look for ways to help you get motivated to exercise and lose weight. Motivation is a powerful tool and will help you stay on track.  

Every good exercise guide or weight loss guide will talk about motivation and provide tips on how to stay motivated.  

Self awareness will be a key factor in reaching your exercise and weight loss goals and this "getting started" guide can help you along the way.

Weight Loss & Exercise Guide Tip

Be Aware of Emotional Eating

Emotions can trigger bad eating habits for many people. Each person may have a different emotion that triggers eating or cravings.  

The important thing is to learn and understand which emotions trigger your bad eating habits. 

If you know your emotional eating habits you will be better prepared to ward off the urges so that you can lose weight.

If you are a type 2 diabetic, then understanding which emotions trigger your sweet tooth is critical.

You want to ensure you are not only monitoring your food but your blood sugar level.  

Here's an article on Diabetes and Glucose Monitoring to help you choose the right way to monitor your blood sugar level.

Do you crave chocolate no matter how you are feeling?  Perhaps you are a chocoholic like myself. 

This is a must read article for chocoholics.

Slow and Steady or Fast and Furious

This second Weight Loss and Exercise Guide tip is especially important to those who are just starting out.

Everybody wants the fastest way to lose weight – we all want it yesterday. Or they want to find the best diet pills that claim they have the fastest way to lose weight.

Honestly, there are so many fast weight loss diets and best diet pills out on the internet that I did not have time to research most of them.

turtleA quick start on losing weight can help get weight loss motivation going and give you a great jump start. 

However, most experts will tell you that a slow steady loss, approximately 2 lbs a week, is best in order to sustain that weight loss. 

Slow and steady generally wins over a quick weight loss diet plan.

Use these quick weight loss tips to help you start losing weight today.

Find a Buddy

Every good weight loss and exercise guide will tell you that one of the most successful components is a support system.  So get an exercise and weight loss buddy.

Find weight loss support groups - even find it online. Join a local gym or inlist your neighbor to be your walking buddy.  

Your support group can be as big or as small as you need, just make sure you have the support in place. 


woman exerciseingOf course this would not be a complete exercise guide if I didn't tell you that you need to get active.

Some people hate to even hear the word exercise and others are true exercise fanatics. No matter which category you fall into……Exercise helps! So get moving!

If you’re current lifestyle does not include some kind of activity, start now, even before you choose your weight loss program.

Many people think of exercise as having to run 2 or 3 miles or do weight lifting exercises. Although these are great exercise routines, you could start by simply going up and down the stairs a few times a day or park in the back and take those extra steps.

Use these exercise tips as your exercise guide to get active today.

Don't Believe Everything you Hear

When searcing for ways to lose weight or searching for more exercise guides, you will come across many different resources with information. Some of this information will be valuable, but some may be misleading.  

If you find some information on a weight loss or exercise guide that does not make sense, like lose 14 pounds in just 2 days, then it's probably not true.

Let's face it, if losing weight was really that easy wouldn't we all be skinny by now?  

Ask yourself if it seems logical or is it just a weight loss myth.  Don't be fooled by quick and easy ways to melt the fat by just doing abdominal crunches either.

Again, if it sounds too good to be true, then it's probably not true.

Know Your Body Type

This last weight loss and exercise guide tip is all about knowing your body and body type.

Have you ever noticed that some people, no matter what they eat, stay skinny?  In fact, you probably have a friend or two like this.  

You've also probably wondered what their secret is. Well for some people it's just a natural thing; they were born with it.

This is because they have a body type that tends to be naturally slim or even underweight.  Then there's those of us who tend to put on weight very easily.  Why?  

Again it's because we have a different body type.  I know this doesn't seem fair but this is what we have to work with.

Understanding your body type can help you choose the foods that fit for your body type.  

If you want to know more about your body type, then check out this article on Somatotypes.  This is the official name used to classify body types.

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