Weight Loss Tips

Everybody loves weight loss tips. They are little reminders of what we should and should not do.

Tips are like a good friend, always nudging you to do the right thing.

So think of this page as your good friend, keeping you on track.

These tips apply from teens to seniors and are a great weight loss guide for any age.

So if you are ready to start losing weight, then just check out these helpful hints to get you started today,

#1 - Want It!

First and foremost you have to want to lose weight.  Of all the weight loss tips, this is probably the most important.  

Just saying you want to lose weight may not be enough. 

You need to really commit to your weight loss efforts.  Solidify your commitment by writing down your weight loss plan. 

Create goals and time lines.  Make your goal realistic and measurable. 

Goals help us keep our minds in the game and give us something to reach for.

Get excited and motivated to lose weight and remind yourself daily that you want to get fit and healthy. 

#2 - Understand It

Losing weight can be very challenging and this is especially true if you don’t understand what is best for you. 

You must understand what the proper daily calorie intake for weight loss is in order to lose weight in a healthy way. 

You don’t want to cut calories too low and you don’t want to eat too many calories. 

You also need to understand calories burned during exercise.  To lose weight you must create a calorie deficit.  In order to do this you must burn more calories than you consume.  

Many weight loss programs help you and teach you the fundamentals of weight loss, calories, exercise and more.  

If you are thinking of joining a weight loss program then be sure to read these weight loss reviewsfirst.

#3 - Plan It

This weight loss tip, while many ignore it, can help ensure you reach your goals and lose the weight.

planner bookSo now that you know what the proper calorie intake and exercise calories are for you, plan your meals and weight loss workouts

Write it down and make a shopping list. 

Adjust your daily schedule to make time for your exercise routine. 

Read your goals and determine each week how much you need to lose or how much you need to exercise to reach your goal. 

Weight loss is a journey and you need a plan in order to reach your final destination.

#4 - Change It

If you always do what you have always done, then you will always get what you have always got. So it'stime for some changes.

This weight loss tip is about making lifestyle changes.

Now is the time to look at your current habits and note down what you need to change. 

Throw out the belief you must “clean your plate”. 

This is especially important for us “baby boomers”.

Learn to take smaller portion sizes or stop eating when you are full. 

Understand what a proper portion size is and don’t feel guilty for leaving something on your plate.

Use the USDA "MyPlate" guidelines on how much of each of the food groups you should be eating.

This way your plate is filled with the right stuff. 

Think of other bad habits you have formed that are barriers to you losing weight.  Write them down and then plan to change them.  Try making one change a week until you have shed all the bad habits.

#5 - Get Ready

Prepare yourself to eat healthy by putting temptation out of reach. 

Go through your refrigerator and pantry and clean out the too sweet or high fat foods. 

It’s okay to have these once in awhile but if you are easily tempted, get them out of sight and out of mind. 

Try going 2 weeks without these foods. 

You will be amazed at how your cravings will seem to disappear.

The second part of this weight loss tip is to find your workout area.  You don’t want any excuses not to exercise so make sure you have the proper space, equipment and clothing for your exercise routines. 

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get started working out.  The key is to start getting active by adding some exercise to your weight loss plan.

#6 - Add Variety

Make sure your healthy eating plan has a variety of different foods.  For each food group, try to add some variety.

Of course if you are a vegetarian or cannot have certain foods, then make sure to get your full nutritional needs in other foods.

For your veggies, add dark green and orange veggies.

Try some starchy vegetables and even add dry beans and peas.
You can add variety in your fruits as well, getting citrus fruits such as grapefruit and oranges and apples and pears which are low calorie, high fiber fruits.  

Adding variety and changing things up a bit may be just the ticket to getting past weight loss plateaus.

#7 - Avoid Late Night Snacking

You’ve probably heard that you should not eat at least 2 - 3 hours before bedtime. But the question is whether this falls into the weight loss myths category or weight loss tips category.

Some of the research I’ve found will tell you this is a myth.

After all a calorie is a calorie regardless of what time of day you eat it (see WebMd's weight loss myths for more on this).

Other sites, like on Oprah.com, will tell you not to eat anything at least 2 hours prior to bedtime.  

Honestly I am not sure which of these are correct. What I do know from experience is, that if you deny yourself during the day by eating too few calories, you will be hungry and have late night cravings.  

If you are hungry, then go ahead and eat something sensible as this will help you get a good night's rest.

Want to read some more weight loss and diet myths?  Click here to see more myths.

#8 - Indulge (moderately)

Chocolate cake anyone? You’re probably thinking, she’s nuts!, you can’t eat chocolate on a diet!

In fact you can – in moderation! You want to make sure your calorie intake for weight loss is less than the calories you burn.

Remember you are burning calories all the time, even while sleeping, so it doesn't mean you have to run a marathon to work off that extra treat.

Just make sure you are aware of the calories you have for the day and the exercises you have done. This way you will know if it's okay to have that sweet snack.

If you continue to deny yourself a treat once in awhile, you run the risk of eating the whole cake, instead of just a small slice.

So, morale of the story is; you really can have your cake and eat it too.

#9 - Dine In

Eat at home as much as possible.

At home you can control your meal plan and your portions.

But, with the busy lifestyle many of us have, eating out is a must once in awhile.

When you do eat out, order from the children’s menu which offers smaller portions.

Start with a salad as you want to get those veggies in with every meal.

If it’s a fast food restaurant, look the menu over carefully.

Many fast food chains have now added some healthier choices like yogurts, fruits, etc. - and skip the fries!

#10 - Drink Water

drinking waterAll weight loss tips I have ever read include this one tip.  

Water is one of the best things you can add to your weight loss plan. 

There have been very few scientific studies done on why water helps with weight loss.

However, experts do admit that people who include 8 to 10 glasses of water a day tend to lose more weight than those who do not drink water.

Losing weight is just one of the many benefits of water.

Check out this article on water and weight loss for more information.

Here are some healthy quick weight loss tips to jump start your weight loss program.

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