Weight Loss for Men Versus Women

Weight loss for men seems so much easier – at least from a woman's perspective. It seems that a man only needs to think about shedding off those excess pounds and it happens – like it was a wish granted just for them.

Okay, they have to do more than just wish for it, but it does appear to be easier and faster for a man to lose weight.

While on the other hand it often seems that a woman can just look at a piece of chocolate cake and will gain a few pounds.

Of course this is an extreme example as well.

You would actually have to eat the cake versus looking at it, but women do struggle more than men when it comes to ridding the fat and pounds.

It's not like we are just from two different plants, like men from Mars and women from Venus.

It's as if we are in two separate galaxies.

As unfair as this may be, men do have some advantages over women in the weight loss game. But never fear ladies, you do have some advantages to your significant other.

Advantages of Weight Loss for Men

Men are ahead of the game when it comes to weight loss wars and shedding extra pounds. Men begin with several advantages over women.

Body Composition

The first advantage for men in the weight loss gender differences is their body composition. Men have more muscle and let body fat than women.

What does this mean for weight loss for men? Well it gives them a higher metabolism which burns more calories a day even while at rest.

Activity Level

Another plus for men is that they tend to be more active than their female counterparts.

In a study reported by the American Journal of Physiology, it found that women burned an average of 16 percent fewer calories per day than men.

This difference was largely due to the fact that women burned 37% fewer calories than men due to physical activity.

It is also due in part to their resting metabolic rate burning 16% fewer calories than men.

Quicker Response

A man's body responds quicker to exercise than a women. They will see the results much quicker from a workout than their female counterparts.

A woman's body on the other hand goes into a sort of “starvation” mode when first starting to workout.

This slows down their metabolism giving them slower results than their male counterparts. For us females, our lung capacity is smaller and while it seems we are working just as hard, then men will actually be able to workout harder and longer then women.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Weight Loss for Women

One major disadvantage for us women is that we are predisposed to retaining and storing fat. Our higher levels of estrogen are our biggest disadvantage.

Estrogen is the hormone that helps keep the fat our bodies make. This means we have to work harder than men to shed the extra fat and pounds.

man versus woman boxingAlthough it seems that weight loss for men is easy and they have all the advantages, they do still have to want it and work at.

This is true for women as well, they just may have to work at it a bit harder.

But don't be discouraged as a woman, we do have one edge over men.

Women generally pay attention to their weight management process, being more attentive to what's going on with their weight.

They can make the connection between food and emotions easier than men, giving them a leg up on emotional eating.

One advantage for women is where their fat generally accumulates. Women tend to put on the extra pounds around their hips and thighs (the pear shape) while men tend to pile it on around their abdomen (apple shape).

While this is not an advantage for women when it comes to weight loss, it does put them at a lower risk of certain medical conditions.

People who carry excess weight around their mid section are at higher risk for Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and hypertension.

That's why losing belly fat and weight loss for men is so important for reducing health risks.

To Sum it Up

While there are legitimate reasons why men have an advantage, this does not mean women can't get the job done. Understanding these differences will help you stay encouraged and motivated while losing weight. 

If you and your significant other are embarking on a weight loss challenge, keep in mind these difference and be supportive of the opposite sex while reaching your goals. 

Both sexes can achieve their weight loss goals and benefit from the results by living a healthier lifestyle.

For more help on weight loss for men, check out these weight loss tips.

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