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weight loss articles

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Tips Weight Loss Articles

Here are several weight loss articles with tips from how to cut calories, quick weight loss, motivation and much more. Scroll through this section to find the articles you want to explore further.

Burn Fat Quick
No diet pills or gimmick shakes. Just common sense, eating right and exercise can help you burn fat quicker.

Calorie Intake for Weight Loss
If you are trying to lose weight, then you want to know your daily calories for weight loss.

Counting Carbs
Don't just count the carbs. Make your carbohydrates count and help you eat healthier.

Emotional Eating
Emotional eating can be defined as the action of eating large amounts of food even when you are not hungry.

Lose Belly Fat
You need to do more than just abdominal exercises to lose belly fat. Find out what it really takes.

Boost Metabolism Naturally
Some of these ways to boost metabolism naturally may not be methods you have thought of before.

Want to lose weight but can't seem to get started? Use these motivational tips to help you.

Don't believe everything you hear about dieting. Check out these myths to understand fact from fiction.

Pushing Past Plateaus
These tips will help you break past weight loss plateaus and get over the hump so you can reach your diet goals.

Quick Weight Loss Tips
These quick weight loss tips will help you jump start your weight loss and get you on the right track.

Support Groups
When trying to lose weight having a support group can be the difference between reaching your goal or giving up.

If you are just starting out on your goal to lose weight, then start here with these weight loss tips.

Water and Weight Loss
There are many benefits of water to your body beyond just losing weight. Read this to find out more.

Weight Loss for Women
These tips on weight loss for women are not necessarily gender specific, but do have the female gender in mind.

Eating Healthy


These weight loss articles are all about food. There are pages that will help you understand food groups, read labels, watch portion sizes and more.

Calories Definition
Understanding the calories definition is the first step towards losing weight when counting calories.

Calories from Fat, Protein and Carbs
This article is about the calories from fat, protein and carbohydrates and the ratios of the macronutrients.

Carbohydrates Definition
Understanding the carbohydrates definition helps you select healthier carbs and lose weight.

Curb Your Appetite
Try out these methods to help curb appetite and avoid the cravings so you can eat healthy.

Cutting Calories
The amount of calories you consume is a key component to reaching your weight loss goals.

Eating Healthy
Check out this page for several ways to learn to eat healthy.

Fat Burning Foods
Add some of these foods to your meal and recipes and burn off some extra fat.

Food Groups
Eating from the various food groups is one way to ensure you eat healthier and get the nutrients you need.

Food Labels
Learning how to read food labels will go a long way to help you develop your healthy eating lifestyle.

Portion Sizes
Eating the right portion sizes is important for weight loss. Here you will learn proper portion sizes.

Power Packed Foods
What is the secret to a long and healthy life? It is in the food that we eat. Check out these 10 power packed foods.

Specialty Articles

This section of the weight loss articles are for seniors and diabetics. These articles are specific to these groups. Seniors is a loose term here as many weight loss issues start as early as the forties as our metabolism starts to slow down.

Diabetes Articles

Diabetic Diet Guidelines
A diabetic diet does not mean having to eat specialized foods or expensive organic or pre-packaged foods.

Diabetic Food Pyramid
Understanding the Diabetes Food Pyramid is a key component in building your diabetic meal plan.

Exercise and Diabetes
Exercise can bring you many benefits that will help you not only manage your blood glucose levels, but make you healthier.

Stress and Diabetes
If you have diabetes, be sure you understand the effects of stress on sugar levels and learn ways to prevent your stress.

Understanding Diabetes
Diabetes is a disease where the body either cannot produce insulin or does not properly use insulin.

Senior Fitness

Changes During Menopause
There are many changes that a woman may or may not experience during the stages of menopause.

Menopause Symptoms
Menopause symptoms for some women are not too severe where others may suffer for many years with certain symptoms.

Stages of Menopause
There are actually different stages of menopause and this article outlines each of these stages.

Understanding Menopause
As a couple, both men and women can benefit by understanding the symptoms, stages and changes of menopause.

Weight Gain After Menopause
Most women will begin to notice the weight gain prior to menopause and start to see some middle age spread.

Weight Loss Over 40
As we age, our metabolism slows down which means you are burning fewer calories than when you were younger making weight loss more difficult.

Senior Fitness Tips
Try these senior fitness tips to help you get fit and healthy at any age.

Misc. Weight Loss Articles

These weight loss articles are about varying subjects that don't fit well into the above categories.


Chocoholics not only crave chocolate but seem to be drawn to it against their will as if addicted to the delectable delight.

Low Carb Diet Benefits
Before you can understand all the low carb diet benefits, you must first understand what type of diet this is.

Snack Personality
What snacks you crave says something about your personality. Read this article to see what it says about you.

Weight Loss - Man vs Woman
As unfair as this may be, men do have some advantages over women in the weight loss game.

Additional Articles

Fitness Articles
In addition to these weight loss articles be sure to browse through the pages related to fitness and exercise.

Weight Loss Calculator
See how many calories you should eat to lose weight and how long it will take with this free online calculator.

Healthy Recipes
To help you eat healthier browse through the recipes on this web site.