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This page is like the who's who of Fitness articles for this website. It's a sitemap if you will of all the pages related to fitness and exercise.

The links will take you to the specific page so you can read the article and learn more about that particular subject. There are pages detailing the benefits of exercise, articles on different types of exercises, workout examples and more.

Simply scroll through the page to find what you are interested in. If you are looking for the list of step by step exercise instructions.

Exercise Benefits

This section will highlight pages that explain the various benefits of exercising and staying fit. If you are trying to lose weight, exercise will help. But there are many more benefits. Check out these pages.

Benefits to Exercise
Exercising helps you boost your metabolism, allows you to eat more and relieves stress.

Benefits of Cooling Down
There are some essential benefits of stretching and cooling down after your workout.

Benefits of Strength Training
The benefits of strength training go beyond just having a stronger and more beautiful body.

Benefits of Warming Up
Many people feel they are too crunched for time or just do not understand the importance of a warming up.

Health Benefits
There are many health benefits of exercise for people of all ages.

Strength Training for Weight Loss
Many people do not think of strength training for weight loss.

Well Balanced Life
It's crucial that you mix up your routine if you want to speed up weight loss and maintain a balanced workout.

Types of Exercises

fitness equipment

These fitness articles are for the various types of exercises like aerobics, strength training and more.

Aerobic exercises are those workouts that get your heart pumping within your target heart rate zone.

The most common anaerobic workout is strength training but there are more.

Biking for Exercise
Biking for exercise is a great way to get fit, get active and get outside.

Body Weight Exercises
These exercises are strength training workouts in which you use your own body weight.

Get Fit with Wii
The Wii fitness program takes getting interactive to an all new and sweaty level.

Home Exercises
Try some home exercises for your winter workouts and avoid the cold and weather.

Indoor Bike Trainers
There are three basic types of indoor bike trainers.

Interval Training
Interval training is a great way to combine low intense aerobics with high intense workouts.

Isometric Exercises
Isometric exercises is a great way to strengthen muscles without breaking out in a sweat.

Strength Training
Strength training challenges your muscles through resistance.

Walking is a great way to get active and help you lose weight and stay in shape.

Water Aerobics
Water aerobic exercises are perfect for seniors, children and everyone in between.

Workout from Home
Exercising at home does not mean you are limited in what you can do.

Workout Examples

In this section of the fitness articles the example workout routines are shown. These pages show examples of various types of exercises you can use to incorporate into your daily routines.


Circuit Training
Circuit training is a great way to strengthen many different muscles within one workout.

Interval Training - Beginners
Use these example workouts if you are new to Interval Training.

Interval Training - Intermediate/Advanced
These are for intermediate and advanced fitness level workouts.

Weight Loss Workout Beginner
Example workouts for the beginning level exercisers.

Weight Loss Workout Intermediate
Workout examples for intermediate fitness level.

Workout from Home
Workout examples for an advanced fitness level person.

Workout Routine Examples
Examples and links to other workout routines.

Tips and Fitness Articles

This section of the fitness articles are pages that give you tips and general information related to exercise and fitness. Each link will have a brief comment about the page itself. Just scroll through this section to find what you are looking for.

Abdominal Muscles Anatomy
The abdominal muscles extend from various places on the ribs to various places on the pelvis and provide movement and support to the trunk.

Best Ab Exercises
The top most effective and the best abdominal exercise is the bicycle maneuver. Find out what other ab exercises ranked in the top.

Burning Calories
You are burning calories everyday with each simple and complex task you do.


Calories Burned with Fun Activities
Burning calories doesn't always have to be tedious workouts. Try some fun activities instead.

Calories Burned During Exercise
Understanding calories burned during exercise can maximize your workouts.

Eating After Exercise
Your post workout meal helps rebuild the nutrients your body needs.

Eating Before Exercise
Should exercise on an empty stomach or eat something before exercising? Find out here.

Exercise Motivation
Want to get active but don’t know how to get your motivation revved up? Use these motivational tips.

Exercise Myths
Determining fact from fiction when it comes to exercise is not always cut and dried.

Exercise Personality
Do you know your Exercise Personality? Learning your workout type may help you to stay on your exercise schedule.

Exercise Tips

Exercise Personality
Do you know your Exercise Personality? Learning your workout type may help you to stay on your exercise schedule.

Fat Burning Exercises
Learn why you should include both aerobics and strength training to burn fat.

Preparing to Run
Preparing to run a 5k can give you a great sense of accomplishment.

Winter Workout Blues
During these winter months we tend to lose some motivation to get up and get moving.

Additional Articles

Weight Loss Articles
In addition to these fitness articles be sure to browse through the pages related to weight loss.

Exercise Calorie Calculator
Find out how many calories you burned during your workout with this online calculator.

Target Heart Rate Chart
Are you working out within your heart rate zone? Use this chart to find out.