Anaerobic Exercise


Many have heard the term aerobics exercise but you may or may not have heard the term anaerobics. Aerobic means with oxygen while anaerobic means without oxygen.

While doing aerobic exercises, your muscles need oxygen to perform efficiently and fat needs oxygen to burn. Aerobic exercises give you the best fat burning benefit.

Although aerobics are best for burning fat, anaerobic training will give you the best benefit for building and toning lean muscle.

The more lean muscle you have the higher your basal metabolic rate. Which in turn means you will be burning more calories during the day and night. While strengthening is the most common form of this type of exercise, there are other types that are considered anaerobics.

Strength Training

The most common anaerobic workout is strength training. Although most people think of strength training as weight lifting there are other types of strength training exercises.

Doing resistance band exercises are a great way to provide resistance to your muscles and building strength. These are inexpensive, take up very little room and can travel with you. This makes it convenient and you will always have your exercise equipment handy.

You can also build muscles with dumbbell exercises. These are also a great alternative to weight lifting. You can purchase various sizes and weights and get either fixed weight dumbbells or adjustable weight dumbbells.

Lastly, you can always use your own body weight to strengthen and tone your muscles. Body weight exercises are a great way to start with this type of workout.

Other Exercises

woman jump roping

Most people associate anaerobics with just strength training like weight lifting, however, certain exercises that many think of as aerobic are really anaerobic exercises.

For instance, sprinting or jump roping can be anaerobic exercises if performed at an extremely high intense level. This is where some of the confusion comes from.

Most people assume running is an aerobic exercise. If done at a certain intensity level it does still require oxygen, therefore it is an aerobic exercise.

But as the intensity level increases, and the body cannot supply sufficient oxygen, it will switch to using a higher percent of carbs and a lower percent of fat for fuel.

When these types of exercises are done at an extreme level they become an anaerobics workout. Exercises like sprinting are providing benefits of building muscle, burning calories and strengthening your heart.

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