Exercise Calorie Calculator

This free exercise calorie calculator is a great interactive tool to calculate the number of calories burned during exercise.  

It has just about any exercise and activity that you can think of to select from.

This means you are bound to find what you need to track how many calories you burned during your workout.

It will show the calories burned during exercise as well as your recommended target heart rate zone.  

In order to use this free online tool you must have javascript enabled.  

Exercise Calories

Just type in your age and weight and the select the category, intensity and duration of your exercise to find out the total exercise calories burned.

Then just hop on over to get your free exercise calorie counter download file to track these exercise calories.

This free fitness calculator is a great interactive tool to calculate the number of calories burned during exercise.

This calculation is not an exact science, but does give you a good approximation of your exercise calories.  

Read this article to understand how calories burned during exercise is calculated.

Why Use an Exercise Calorie Calculator?

In order to lose weight you need to create a calorie deficit, meaning you must consume fewer calories than you burn.  

You will burn calories through exercise and your basal metabolic rate.  The more you exercise the more calories you burn as well as increase your BMR.  

Using an exercise calorie calculator will help you to track your daily calories burned through exercise to ensure you have created a calorie defict.  

In addition to tracking the exercise calories burned you will also need to know the approximate calories you burn from your BMR.  

With these two components, you will now have a total calories burned for the day.  

Once you have this information then just track your calories consumed from your food and drink intake.  

Just make sure that what you consume is less than what you burned and you will start to see results. Be sure to make the most of your workout and maximize burning calories.

Check out the weight loss tools page for more tools like this exercise calorie calculator.  

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