Boost Metabolism Naturally

These five ways to boost metabolism naturally may not be methods you have thought of before.   Increasing your metabolic rate is one of the best tips for losing weight.

Most tips on increasing your metabolism include the basic tips.

Tips like adding exercise or eating breakfast and of course the always mentioned drinking water are not discussed in this article.

These tips are not the common ones you can find just about anywhere. Instead, these are the less known ways to boost your metabolism.

All of these are great natural metabolism boosters and will help increase your basal metabolic rate and rev up your metabolism.

Other metabolism booster suggestions may include taking supplements or pills or even eating metabolism booster foods.

But there are some tips to increase your metabolism that you may not have heard of yet.  

Did you know getting the right amount of sleep can help? Reducing stress is another one you may not heard of or how about fidgeting or breathing exercises. All these can help you rev up your metabolic rate.

Keep reading to learn why these can help.

Reduce Stress

stressed man
This tip to boost metabolism naturally may be easier said than done. Reducing your stress level not only helps you rev up your metabolism, it also helps minimize many medical risks as well.

It is well known that stress can cause many medical conditions and even causes weight gain.  When you are stressed, your body releases the stress hormone known as cortisol.  

This stress hormone increases your appetite and also stimulates your body's release of insulin.  This increased insulin can decrease your metabolism.

Of course it's easier said than done to relieve stress, but by reducing the stress in your life you can be increasing your metabolism - or at least not decreasing it.  

Try exercising. Stress relief is just one of the many benefits to exercise.

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Get Sleep

Another tip to boost metabolism naturally that you may not be aware of is a simple good night sleep.

Getting a good night's sleep is essential for your body.  

As your body sleeps, it is recouping from the previous day.  

This is the time your body rejuvenates itself and it's different systems such as the digestive system, allowing you to digest foods more efficiently.

Sleep also helps you to feel energized and allows you to get the most out of your exercise routine.  

With a good night's sleep you are more likely to be motivated to workout and can increase the duration of your exercise routine not to mention that it helps boost metabolism naturally.

Get Fidgety

Do you have a friend that is constantly bouncing their leg up and down? Or perhaps they talk with their hands or tap their fingers on the table. Is this friend one of your "skinny" friends?  

I've always called these people my "nervous" friends and yes, they are all skinning. Who would have thought being fidgety was a way to boost metabolism naturally.  

Fidgeting can be key to giving you more energy and a boost to your metabolism. Fidgeting and incidental movements throughout the day are called "non-exercise activity thermogenesis" or NEAT.  

Thermogenesis is the term for energy burning.  When you fidget or talk with your hands, your body assumes it has excess energy to work off so it boosts your metabolism.  

The less you move the more your body thinks it does not have excess energy, so in turn slows down your metabolism.

Take a Deep Breath

Oxygen is critical to our survival, which we all know.  Besides just keeping us alive, oxygen plays an important role to the function of many of our bodies systems.  

Oxygen is needed for the muscles to work efficiently when we exercise.  And of course when we are exercising we are breathing more deeply.

But in addition to breathing deeply during exercise, by taking time out during the day for some simple breathing exercises, you can increase your metabolism.  

When you breathe deeply you are oxygenating your body. The more oxygen means the more efficiently you will burn calories; meaning a more efficient metabolism.

You should try to take time out of your day to do 5 minutes of deep breathing about 3 times a day.  Not only will it help boost metabolism naturally but this is a great way to stay relaxed and relieve stress.

Get The Calories Right

One common mistake many people make when they start a weight loss program is they take in too few calories.  

We've all heard that you have to reduce calories to lose weight.  So the natural direction one would think in order to lose weight fast, is to cut even more calories.

While in theory, this may make sense, in actuality it's one of the biggest mistakes and the most common reason for a slow metabolism.  

You have probably read many articles on the right foods to eat and the wrong things to drink and have probably read many articles on calorie intake as well.

You may have even used a weight loss calculator or two.  So you think you've got the right foods and the right calories, but you are still not losing weight.  

Remember, calculating the proper BMR and calorie intake is not an exact science.  So, adjust your calories by increasing them slightly to see if this gets you on the losing end.

When a person gets too few calories the body slows down the metabolism and starts storing food as fat.  Even though this one may be hard to accept, sometimes the best way to lose weight is to increase your calorie intake.

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