Weight Watchers Current Plan


Created February 5, 2024

Weight Watchers current plan being used in 2024 has been simplified from past programs.

If you are new to WW or you are unfamiliar with the program, Weight Watchers is a popular weight loss plan that uses a points system to track the foods you eat and has been around since 1961.

Back in 2018, Weight Watchers became simply WW. In the same spirit of simplifying things, the new program is now simply called Points.

This plan was introduced in November 2022 for some members and rolled out to all members in 2023.

With this latest update, WW has simplified things by going back to one plan (for most members) by eliminating the PersonalPoints program. Those with type 1 and type 2 diabetes will have a modified plan. This is discussed in more detail later.

There is also a GLP-1 program. This uses GLP-1 weight loss medication in addition to healthy habits. You must qualify for this program .

Weight Watchers Current Plan Overview

As mentioned above, the new plan is simplified. There are no longer different plans like with the MyWW plans where you could have the MyWW Green, MyWW Blue or MyWW purple plan to choose from. Each of these plans had their very own zero points food list and a different daily points allowance calculation for each plan.


Gone also is the PersonalPoints plan of 2021 where each person’s plan was unique to them. This was the plan just prior to Weight Watchers current plan.

The new plan, used in 2024, is simplified to just one plan (with the exception of diabetics). This means if your snack is 3 points, then the same snack for your friend is also 3 points.

While the PersonalPoints plan was discontinued, the method for calculating points for foods remains the same. This is discussed in more detail later in this article. With the latest Points plan, there is only one zero points food list for most members and one allowance calculation for most.

The exception to the list and allowance are for those members that have type 1 or type 2 diabetes. These members will have a different zero points food list to go by. Additionally you will have a higher daily allowance. This is because while other members get their fruits for zero points, diabetics will have to count the points of the fruit items. Additionally, other food items like corn, popcorn and yogurt will have a points value for diabetics. This ensures your food plan meets the recommendations of the American Diabetes Association.

Allowance Points

With Weight Watchers current plan, each person will be given a set number of daily allowance points. This calculation is the same for each person, however the number will vary depending on their individual information.

For instance, a woman weighing 295 lbs, 5’ 5” tall and 28 years of age would get a daily allowance of 40 points.

A woman that had the same weight and height but is 58 years of age would get only 34 daily points allowance. If the same 58 year old woman was diabetic, her daily points would be 39.


The foods consumed that have a points value are deducted from this daily allowance. If you don’t use them all, up to 4 points rollover into the weekly points allowance. If you don’t want to do rollover points, just change your settings on the WW App.

You will also receive a specific number of weekly points. As with past programs, you can choose to use these points when needed or not use them. Weekly points do not rollover to the next week, so you either use them or lose them.

These points are there for you when you need a little extra in case there is a work luncheon or a celebration or just because you want something extra that day.

Food Points

The formula to calculate the points value on foods remains the same as it was with the PersonalPoints program. The nutritional values used to determine the points include Calories, Fiber, Protein, Added Sugar, Saturated Fats and Unsaturated Fats.


The results of the calculation helps guide you to foods that are lower in saturated fats and added sugars and higher in protein and fiber.

There still remains a zero points food list for each member. There are 2 separate lists; one for diabetics and one for all other members.

These Zero Point Foods can help you feel full without using up all the points. You can build a meal plan around these foods, use them for snacks, or use them as your favorite side dish.

The difference between the Zero Point List for diabetics and other members is the fruits, corn, popcorn, cottage cheese and yogurt all have points value for diabetics. Non-diabetic members have a modified list. You can see the zero point foods list here.

How to Earn Extra Points


One of the items that changed from the PersonalPoints to Weight Watchers current plan is how you can earn extra points.

As with past WW plans, you can still earn extra points for being active. How many points you earn will depend on the activity and the duration.

You can sync up your fitness tracker, like a Fitbit, or you can manually add it on the WW app.

The earned points will go in your weeklies and not the daily points.

What has changed from the PersonalPoints plan is you will no longer earn extra points for drinking water and eating your veggies.

This doesn’t mean you should stop these healthy habits. You can even keep tracking your water on the app and recording your veggies when you track your points for the day. Keep in mind most veggies still have zero points value.


As with many weight loss programs, there are always specials being run to encourage new members. Weight Watchers Current Plan pricing for 2024 can vary based on what specials are being offered.

Additionally, the price is lower if you sign up for the 6 month plan and even lower for the 10 month plan. As of the writing of this article, the monthly price (for a 10 month period) is $10 per month. The 6 month pricing is $15 per month and the one month price is $23 plus a $20 starter fee which is waived for the 12 month and 6 month pricing.

The 10 month and 6 month plans automatically renew (until you cancel) at a price of $23 per month. These prices are for the Core Plan (formerly known as Digital).


There is also a Premium Plan (Formerly known as Unlimited Workshops + Digital). As of the writing of this article, the price for the Premium Plan is $22 a month for 10 months, $30 a month for 6 months and $45 for one month plus the $20 starter fee.

After the 10 (or 6 month) your membership is then $45 a month and is automatically renewed unless you cancel.

The Core plan includes;

  • Access to the science-backed program that fits your needs: Points, Diabetes, or GLP-1
  • 13,000+ recipes for healthier meal inspiration
  • 200+ no-track ZeroPoint® foods
  • New What to Eat feature, barcode scanner, and restaurant search in their easy-to-use app
  • Supportive members-only digital community

The Premium membership includes;

  • Access to the science-backed program that fits your needs: Points, Diabetes, or GLP-1
  • 13,000+ recipes for healthier meal inspiration
  • 200+ no-track ZeroPoint® foods
  • New What to Eat feature, barcode scanner, and restaurant search in their easy-to-use app
  • Supportive members-only digital community
  • Coach-led Workshops, in-person and virtual
  • In-person support from other members
  • Weekly behavior change techniques


Here’s a quick recap of the new Weight Watchers Program that was introduced in November of 2022.

  1. Simplified and is now called Points.
  2. One plan for all members with slight differences for diabetics.
  3. Same calculation for points values on food for all members.
  4. Allowances are calculated the same for all members using their specific information.
  5. Daily points not used can be rolled over into weekly points (up to 4).
  6. Weekly points do not rollover to the next week.
  7. Zero Point Foods are still available to all members.
  8. You can earn extra points for being active. These points are added to the weekly allowance.
  9. Pricing varies depending on current offers and which offer you select.

If you are ready to lose weight, eat healthy and get active, then sign up with the new Weight Watchers plan.

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