Weight Watchers Points Calculator

The Weight Watchers Points calculator on this page is for the original points system.

So if you have not yet made the switch to the new method, then this is the tool for you.

If you are looking for the points plus, then click here for the points plus calculator.

Keeping track of your points can ensure you stay within your daily and weekly allowance.

Original WW Points Calculator

The below calculator is for the original Weight Watchers Points system. So use this one only if you have not yet switched to the points plus system.

Original Points Calculator

Total Calories
Total Fat (g)
Fiber (g)
use 0 if not available

The WW Pts Is

The WW points calculator for the original method uses the following nutrition values;

Calories, Total Fat (g) and Fiber (g)
For this calculator there is a limitation on the total fiber grams used.

Only up to 4 grams is used in the calculation.

As with the plus calculator, if you do not have the fiber information just use zero.

Input the calories, total fat (g) and fiber (g) and click calculate to get the value of your food item.

Use the reset button to clear the fields.

You can also just re-key in the new information and click calculate again.

Here is the Weight Watchers Points calculator for the points plus method.

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Weight Watchers Allowance

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Check out this article to find out what your daily allowance is for the original Weight Watchers points plan.

Activity Points Calculator

Regardless of which points plan you are following, this online calculator will tell you how many points you earned for your exercises.

Points Tracker Spreadsheet

This free downloadable spreadsheet will track your points regardless of which system you use.

Record the foods you eat and the activities. The allowances are adjusted as you use them. Use the above Weight Watchers Points calculators to find the values in your foods.

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