MyWW Overview


With this MyWW overview, you will gain a little more knowledge into what it's all about, what has changed and how it is not just a one size fits all weight loss plan.

This new program was rolled out in November 2019. But it's not just one program, but rather three different plans that help taylor weight loss to fit your needs.

Based on your answers to the assessment, you could be guided towards the Green, Blue or Purple MyWW plans.

What Is MyWW?

If you are or were a current Weight Watchers member then you were probably FreeStyling your weight loss with the WW FreeStyle and SmartPoints. If so, then some things on the new MyWW plan will be familiar to you.

For instance, points are still called "SmartPoints" and are calculated using the same nutritional values as before. These are calories, saturated fat, sugar and protein.

Other things that will look familiar is the fact that you have zero point foods to select from. These freebies vary by which color plan you are following. While there are free foods that you won't have to track, the numbers of food vary by the plan you select.

The MyWW Green only has 100+ foods and only include fruits and non-starchy vegetables. Purple on the other hand has over 300 foods and include items like whole-grain pastas, potatoes and more. And Blue has a list of 200+ items.

You are probably wondering how people can lose weight on the purple plan with that many zero point items. Well, on this plan the number of daily points you will get for other food items is much smaller than on the Green plan. And the Blue plan has more daily points than purple, but less than Green. But I'll get into each plan later on.

If you are not a current WW member, then all of it will be new to you. So keep on reading to learn more about the new MyWW.

MyWW Overview - What It Means to You

The best thing about the MyWW is that it is not designed as a "one size fits all" weight loss program. That's right! You now have options that fit better with your lifestyle and what works best for you.

The other great thing about the new plan, is you are not committed to the plan they suggest for you. In fact, you can switch between the plans whenever you want. If you find Green is not working for you, you can try Blue or Purple.

Weight Watchers does recommend that you give the plan you are currently on at least two weeks prior to switching, but it's not a requirement.

Having more options, healthy and feeling less hungry were all key to the basis of each new color-coded MyWW plan. According to WW cheif scientific officer, Gary Foster, the new plan took approximately two years to develop and is built on behavioral and scientific data.

“The science is very clear on this issue,” he said. “Personalized plans get people to be more engaged and they’re more likely to make behavior changes than if they’re not personalized.

As a new member, and existing members if they want, you will take an assessment upon joining. The questions, which cover eating habit, favorite foods, activity level and more, will guide to to the color-coded plan that best fits your lifestyle.

MyWW Overview - Plan Options

As stated earlier, this is not just one plan for all, but rather there are three different options you can select from for your weight loss plan. These are Green, Blue and Purple. While each plan is different, they do have some things in common.

Each plan still uses the SmartPoints. That means to calculate the points values of foods you will need the calories, sat. fat, sugar and protein information. Also each plan comes with a set amount of daily and weekly points based on your age, weight, height and gender. Each plan also still has Fitpoints for your activities.

The main difference between these MyWW color-coded plans are the zero point foods, and the daily allowance of points you get. When the list of foods is more restricted, you will be given more daily points on the foods that require tracking.

These key differences is what makes these plans that can fit to your lifestyle. Rather it's more structure you want or more flexibility, you can choose the one that is taylored to you.

MyWW Overview - Green Plan

If your assessment has guided you to green, then you have more structure and less flexibility than the other plans. And based on your answers, you must prefer or need this in order to reach your goals.

myww green

The Green plan looks a lot like SmartPoints prior to the introduction of FreeStyle. The list of zero points foods are restricted to 100+ items and only include fruits and non-starchy vegetables. This means you will be measuring, weighing and tracking foods more than the other two plans.

But that's okay. It also guides you to center your meals and snacks around healthy foods like the veggies and fruits.

While the list of "free foods" is smaller, your daily allowance budget is larger. At a minimum, you will have 30 SmartPoints daily. Depending on your weight, etc. this could be higher for you. You can roll-over up to 4 daily points (to be added to your weekly budget) for those days you don't need them. This gives you extra points for when you do need them.

You will get your daily allowance on the WW app or from your meeting leader. In addition to the daily points you will be given a weekly allowance as well. This weekly budget can be used as you need or want. You don't have to use any of these points if that's what you choose.

Check out the full list of MYWW Green Zero Point Foods

MyWW Overview - Blue Plan

If you were previously following the FreeStyle SmartPoints plan, then Blue is going to look very similar. In fact, they are one in the same. So if you are not ready to switch to another weight loss plan, then perhaps you want to stay with Blue.

myww blue

On this plan, members have a bit more flexibility than on the Green plan. This plan encourages you to build a healthy lifestyle that uses the zero point foods as the basis. It is more flexible, fitting easily into a busier lifestyle. It comes with a moderate daily points allowance with a minimum of 23 points. Your actual daily will be based on what's right for you.

With Blue comes a list of 200+ zero point foods that include the standard fruits and non-starchy vegetables. But added to the list are some extras that give you more variety. You can now have chicken or turkey breast (skinless) without any points or need to track. Other "freebie" foods include beans & legumes, fish, eggs and more.

You will still need to track other foods and be mindful of your choices in order to stay within your daily allowance. Just like with the Green plan, all of the new MyWW programs give you a weekly points budget that you can use when needed. You can also roll-over up to 4 daily points if they were not used for that day.

Check out the full list of MYWW Blue Zero Point Foods

MyWW Overview - Purple Plan

MyWW purple offers by far the most flexibility with over 300+ zero point foods. In fact, this is a first where food items like pasta (whole-wheat of course) and potatoes have ever been on a list of foods you don't have to track. This plan provides the most freedom from tracking your foods.

myww purple

These new items (like the pasta and potatoes) were choosen because of their nutritional values. Having the whole-wheat versions are healthier and are complex carbs versus refined processed carbs. When items are processed, much of the nutritional value is lost. So those did not make the list of zero points.

While the list is larger, the daily SmartPoints budget is the smallest of the 3 plans with only 16 at a minimum. Each person's actual daily points will depend on their details like weight, height, age and gender.

As with all the plans, you will also have a weekly budget to use as you need. And again you can roll-over up to 4 points on those days you don't use all of your daily allowance. You will also have Fitpoints on this plan just like all the MyWW plans.

You will want to make sure you track those foods not on the zero points list. Since it is a modest daily points allowance, you can easily go over your budget if you forget to track those items.

Check out the full list of MYWW Purple Zero Point Foods

MyWW Overview Summary

The new MyWW offers some new and exciting options for all. It allows your weight loss progress to be more personalized, fitting into your lifestyle. It is flexible and if you find one plan is not working for you, or you are just curios, you can switch to another MyWW plan. The core of each plan is to help guide you to healthier food options without getting tired of the same old stuff.

Keeping the plan flexible, varied and fun will ensure you don't get bored, tired or frustrated and give up. With this new method I'm sure you will reach your goals.

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