About Author

Hi, my name is Julie and I am the creator and author of exercise4weightloss.com.

I have spent many hours researching the web on exercise and weight loss information in order to understand what will or will not work for me to reach my fitness goals. I felt compelled to share all the valuable information I found with others in an effort to hopefully save you lots of research time.

Of course, as a Weight Watchers member, I also have added lots of information on this plan including points for restaurants, recipes and more.

I am not a fitness trainer nor a dietician. I am just like you. A regular person doing their best to get fit and healthy.

Information on this Site

The information on this site is free and is based on lots of researching to find the correct information and put it in terms that we can all understand. Not a lot of scientific words or fancy medical terms.

This site is just lots of useful information that I hope you can use to reach your fitness goals. There are articles on exercise and weight loss (hence the website name) and information for those of you following the Weight Watchers Plan.

I do my best to ensure accurate nutrition information for recipes and restaurants. If you are counting calories, carbs, fats or even Points, this information can help you stay on track.

Please feel free to use this information for your own personal benefit. All the articles are written by myself or are a guest article written specifically for this website.

These articles are protected by copyright, so please do not re-post these on other websites or social media sites. If you find something useful, you can simply share this with friends and family by posting a link to the article(s) or give them the website address.

Thanks and enjoy the site and information.