Target Heart Rate Calculator

Use this interactive Target Heart Rate Calculator to see if you are working within your heart rate zone.
This tool will give you the max heart rate as well as the 10 second and 60 second heart rate zone.

Exercising within this range gives you the maximum health and fat burning benefits from your aerobic exercises.

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Target Heart Rate Calculator

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How It's Calculated

To calculate your max heart rate is very easy. It's simply 220 minus your age.

The 60 second heart rate is 50% (for the minimum) of your max heart rate and 85% (for the maximum).

The min and max 10 second heart rate range is the 60 second (for min/max) divided by 6.  

For your exercise routine, you want your heart rate between the min and max - this is your zone.  

Checking Your Target Heart Rate Zone

When you are exercising you want to stay within your heart rate zone.

Although there will be times when you are working at the max heart rate like doing spurts of sprinting or running, you want to ensure you do not go over the max rate.

During your aerobic exercise you will want to periodically check your heart rate.

You can do this by taking a 10 second heart rate by counting the number of pulses within the 10 second period.

Another method to get your heart rate is to use a heart rate monitor.  

You can buy heart rate monitor watches with features that vary from just measuring your rate to tracking calories burned, programming workout routines and downloading the data to your computer.

Cool Down Your Heart Rate

woman meditating in open fieldCooling down after your aerobic exercise is important to bring your heart rate back to normal slowly.  

Cooling down allows the blood to be redistributed that may have pooled up when you ended your workout.  

If you do not cool down you may experience muscle stiffness do to excess metabolic waste that was built up in the muscles and not allowed to be worked out of your muscles with a cool down period.

Learn the importance of exercising within your heart rate range and understand how the target heart rate calculator results should be used to maximize your workout.

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