Free Target Heart Rate Chart

This target heart rate chart shows the maximum or average heart rate.

It also displays the min / max 60 second range and the min / max 10 second range.  

It's important to exercise within your heart rate zone for maximum fat and calorie burning benefits.

Additionally it is beneficial to your overall health.

This chart will show the range by age.  

The age increments are by 5 years, starting with age 15 and up through age 80.  

Although this chart does not show each year, it will be a close enough approximation.

So, find the age that you are closest to in the target heart rate chart below. This will give you the approximate heart rate zone for your exercises.
If you want a more exact heart rate, use this online heart rate calculator.  

To use the online calculator you must have javascript enabled.

Heart Rate Zone Chart

Use the chart below to find target heart rate. Find the age that is closest to your age and then use the values in that row.

Age Max
heart rate
min target
60 sec
max target
60 sec
min target
10 sec
max target
10 sec
15 205 103 174 17 29
20 200 100 170 17 28
25 195 98 166 17 28
30 190 95 162 16 27
35 185 93 157 16 26
40 180 90 153 15 26
45 175 88 149 15 25
50 170 85 145 15 24
55 165 83 140 14 23
60 160 80 136 13 23
65 155 78 132 13 22
70 150 75 128 13 21
75 145 73 123 12 21
80 140 70 119 12 20

How is it Calculated?

The target heart rate calculation is fairly simple and straight forward.  

First you need to calculate your maximum heart rate.  

Your max heart rate is 220 minus your age.  The 60 second heart rate is 50% (for the minimum) of your max heart rate and 85% (for the maximum).

The min and max 10 second heart rate range is the 60 second (for min/max) divided by 6.  For your exercise routine, you want your heart rate between the min and max - this is your heart rate zone.  

When doing interval training and adding spurts of high intense sprints, running or jump roping, you may find your heart rate at the max.  This is okay so long as you do not exceed your maximum heart rate.

How to Check Your Target Heart Rate

taking pulseDuring your aerobic workout you want to periodically check your heart rate.  

To do this simply place two fingers on either your wrist or your neck.  

Find your pulse and then watching the clock, count the number of beats for 10 seconds.  

Write down your 10 second rate from the target heart rate chart above and keep this handy while you exercise.  

Then when you take your 10 second heart rate compare it to your number to ensure you are within your zone.

Learn the importance of exercising within your heart rate range and understand how the target heart rate chart numbers should be used to maximize your workout.

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