Curb Your Appetite Simple Tips for Controlling Hunger

Trying to curb your appetite can be the most challenging task when trying to lose weight.  It seems that when you hear the words “diet” or “weight loss” suddenly you crave everything in sight. 

If this sounds like you, then try out these methods to help curb appetite and avoid the cravings.

7 Tips for Controlling Hunger

Tip #1

Eat more often during the day.  Try eating every 3 or 4 hours to prevent insatiable hunger. 

By eating more often you are keeping your body satisfied and your mind off the snacks and wrong foods.  This method will help you control hunger all day long.

Tip #2

Another method to curb your appetite is to pick high fiber foods.  Certain foods will help you feel full faster and avoid over indulging at meal time. 

Eat high fiber foods to help keep you full longer and control hunger. 

Foods like apples are great for curbing appetite as they are high in fiber, loaded with lots of nutrients and take longer to chew. 

This extra chewing time gives your brain time to receive the signal that it is full.

Tip #3

Other foods that are great for keeping cravings at bay are high protein foods.  You should eat protein with each and every meal. 

Foods high in protein take longer to digest and do not cause a high spike in your blood glucose levels like carbs can.  Your proteins don’t always have to be from meats. 

For instance, pine nuts contain the highest amount of protein of any nuts or seeds and helps stimulate two hunger suppressing hormones.  So eat protein, feel full longer and curb your appetite.

Tip #4

Water is a great addition to your daily routine for curbing appetite.  Water has so many benefits but first and foremost it can be your secret weapon to keeping away from the cookies. 

So if you find yourself wanting to head to the snack food, drink a glass of water instead and wait 30 minutes.  If you still feel hungry, then go ahead and eat but make it a healthy snack.

Tip #5

Tea or coffee can also help to curb your appetite.  The caffeine in these products are natural appetite suppressants. 

But don’t overdo it on these items as you don’t want to be wired all day long. 

However, a glass or two when needed will help you stay away from the wrong foods and eat less so you can lose weight.

Tip #6

Another great way to help curb cravings and lose weight is exercise. 

When exercising your body releases endorphins which can naturally suppress your appetite. 

Of course exercising does way more than this.  There are many medical benefits of exercise plus you are burning fat and calories. 

So get active, curb your appetite and get fit and healthy.

Tip #7

Try waiting awhile before eating a second helping or taking that snack.  If you still feel hungry after your meal, don’t jump right in with another serving.  Instead give it 20 minutes or so. 

This is about the amount of time it takes for your body to receive the signal that you have eaten and are in fact full.

Here are more tips to curb your appetite and lose weight.

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