Winter Workout Blues

Have you got the winter workout blues? Feeling the effects of cabin fever? During these winter months we tend to lose some motivation to get up and get moving.

With less sunshine and the urge to stay tucked in our warm and cozy beds it's harder to keep to our workout routines.

The exercise choices are more limited keeping us mainly indoors and falling into a rut of the same ole same ole workouts.

Although there are lots of winter activities like cross country and snow skiing, these activities are not for everyone and generally can't be done every day.

So what other alternatives do you have to warm up and beat the winter exercise blahs?

One key to staying motivated to exercise, regardless of the time of year, is to recognize when you are getting bored with the same routine.

This is especially true during the winter months as our moods are a little less jolly and it's easier to talk ourselves out of our workouts.

Here are some tips to break the blues and get moving – warming you up from head to toe.

Warm Up

This first winter workout blues tip is all about getting warm.

If you feel the need to stay snuggled in bed and are skipping your morning routine try placing your workout clothes in the dryer for a few minutes.

Then climb into those nice warm clothes and get revved up to do your workout.

woman snuggled up in bed sleeping If outdoors is where you are headed for your wintertime workout try warming up indoors first.

Walk around the room at a brisk pace, skip or even lightly jump rope.

This will warm up your body and blood before braving the cold weather outside.

Be sure not to get sweaty during your workout as this will make you cold once you go outside.

If your daily activity is planned for the inside, still try warming up first to help shake off the winter cold. Climb up and down the stairs a few times.

You can march in place or other gentle warm up activities as well. As you feel the blood flowing, kick it up a notch and dive into your cardio workout.

Whether it is inside or outside exercises try warming up with a hot shower to jump start your motivation.

An invigorating shower may be just what you need to not only warm up but to wake up. The more alert you are the more motivated you will be to get in a great workout.

Get Outdoors

If you are missing the great outdoors don't let the snowy scene give you the winter workout blues. Go ahead and get out there and enjoy the winter wonderland.

Try adding a few minutes here and there during your entire workout to take it outside.

snowshoeing Do some indoor aerobics and then head outside for a few rounds around the neighborhood.

Then head back indoors for some more cardio (and to warm up). Then go back outside and finish it up with a brisk walk or jog.

Dress in layers if you plan on doing your entire routine outside.

By dressing in layers you are not only staying well insulated but you can easily adjust as your body temperature rises.

With a thin and comfortable layer as your starting point add another layer like fleece.

Then top it off with a wind jacket to help keep the winter wind at bay.

As you get warm you can simply remove a layer and continue with your exercise.

Don't forget to grab a hat and gloves as well.

Your winter workouts don't have to be a jog or run but can be an activity or chore.

Try shovelling the snow (it needs to be done anyhow) to get in some winter air and exercise.
Take the family and go ice skating, snow shoeing or another fun winter activity.

These activities not only help break up the monotony of your winter workouts but are a fun family gathering.

Switch It Up

For even more motivation and ideas for your winter workout blues try mixing it up.

If you generally workout in the morning, try a few days with an evening exercise routine.

family outdoors during winterMix up your aerobics and strength training as well. Add a few days where you combine the two into one routine.

Switch from using resistance bands to dumbbell weights for your strength training or head to the gym and use the equipment.

You can also mix up your cardio by renting a new exercise DVD or hop off the treadmill and onto an elliptical machine.

With spring just around the corner, and the winter weather still outside, mixing up your routines will help break the cabin fever feeling.

You can even try something totally new for you. Try some pilates or yoga classes or even a spinning class.

Even small changes like making a new workout tape with new music can feel like a total change to your normal workout routine. So go ahead and mix it up to break the winter workout blues.

In addition to these winter workout blues tips try these exercise motivation tips.

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