Weight Loss Workout Intermediate

The weight loss workout example on this page is an intermediate level.

If you have been using the beginner's level example and are ready to step it up, then keep on reading.

You can also give the advanced level a try if you think you are ready.

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If you find this a bit difficult, move back down to the beginner's level or reduce the number of days and duration in this example.

Intermediate Weight Loss Workout Example

For the intermediate weight loss workout example, you will be doing six days of exercising. As with the beginner's level, there are both strength training and aerobic exercises.

If you are between a beginner and intermediate level, just do five days of the below example instead of the full six days.

Weight Loss Workout Plan Day 1 – Aerobic Exercise

Start with a moderate intense aerobic workout.  If you have a treadmill, warm up at a lower intensity for approximately 5 minutes. Then set it for 4 miles per hour minimum.

I have very short legs, so this is a jog for me.  If your legs are longer and you can walk at this pace, increase the speed just a bit until you are jogging. 

Try keeping it at a jog for as long as you can – shoot for at least 5 minutes.  Then bring it back down to a brisk walk, but keep it brisk. 

Alternate your aerobic exercise with brisk walking and jogging.  Do a full 30 to 45 minute aerobic exercise.

Weight Loss Workout Plan Day 2 – Strength Training

Now it’s time for some strength training.  Before you start your strength training, be sure to warm up and stretch those muscles. 

Lightly march in place for at least 5 minutes.  Then do some stretching to loosen up and protect your muscles.

 If you’ve been doing your strength training with a resistance band, then it’s time to move up to a higher resistance. 

You can also try using dumbbell weights and use the heavier weights to start with.  Switch to the lower weights if you need to.

You may even want to try some weightlifting.

Upper Body

At the intermediate level, you want to do 1 - 2 sets of 16 repeptions for the upper body.  Include all the upper body muscles - biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest and upper back.

Lower Body

woman weightlifting For the lower body, do 1 - 2 sets of 16 reps.  Try to work as many different muscles in the lower body.  Do all of the following types of exercises; Squats, lunges, inner thigh, outer thigh, butt blaster, or calf lifts.  

Core muscles

Do 10 to 15 minutes of core muscle exercises.  The core includes the abdominals, lower back and hip flexors.  You want to make sure that you focus on all of these muscles and not just the abdominals.  

The core muscles help support and stabilize the spine and pelvis.  Strengthening your core muscles can help prevent lower back injury as well.

Weight Loss Workout Plan Day 3 - Aerobics Again

Today do a full 45 minute aerobic workout.  Do a low to moderate level if you have to but just make it last for the full 45 minutes.  Pick your favorite aerobic exercise for this day.  This way it’s something you enjoy more so you can last the full 45 minutes.

Day 4 - Time to Rest

Take this day off to let the body recoup and rest.

Weight Loss Workout Plan Day 5 - Aerobic & Strength Training

women exercising on matOn this day, do just a 30 minute aerobic workout.  Make it at a low to moderate level if you need to because you want to make sure you have enough energy left for the strength training segment. 

For this day, now would be the time to find a great workout DVD that combines both cardio and strength training.  I have a couple of Denise Austin workout DVDs that are great for this.

If you don’t have a good workout DVD for this, just do your strength training using either the resistance bands, dumbbell weights or weight lifting.  Do 1 – 2 sets of 8 – 16 reps for the upper and lower body and then do 5 minutes of abs.

Weight Loss Workout Plan Day 6 - Aerobics

Do at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercises.  You can do a brisk walk, then jog, walk, jog routine.  If you have exercise equipment such as a treadmill or elliptical machine, then use these when you want for your aerobic workout.

Weight Loss Workout Plan Day 7 - Strength Training

Repeat your day 2 strength training routine.

Whew!  That’s 6 days of exercising and 1 day off.  Great job!  It’s time to start again for the next week.

If the intermediate level is not what you were looking for, then use the buttons below to view the beginner's or advanced level workout examples.

In addition to this intermediate level weight loss workout, try adding one day of an interval training routine.

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