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Upper Body Dumbbell Workout

These exercises will give you a great upper body dumbbell workout.  There are eight different exercises in this video series.

Each video, along with step by step instructions, are on their own page making it easier to follow the workout.

When using dumbbell weights you want to have multiple weights available.

This way you can use the heavier weights for the larger muscles like the biceps and a lighter weight for the less used muscles like the triceps.  

This workout routine will work the upper body muscles including the biceps, triceps, pectorals (chest), the shoulders and to some extent some back muscles.

If you are looking for just the back area, check out this video series.

There are two exercises for each of the major muscles in this part of the body. You can do them in the order shown below, or pick and choose the ones you want to include in your routine. 

As with any exercise, make sure to do it correctly in order to minimize risk of injury and to properly strengthen the muscles.  

To view the instructions and the exercise videos for these upper body moves, use the links below or select the next button below the list to start with the first video. 

Upper Body Exercise List

You can use the links below to go directly to a specific exercise.

If you want to view all of these workouts, just use the next/previous buttons located at the bottom of each page.

To start these exercises from the beginning, use the next button below.

Why Dumbbells

To strengthen the muscles in the body, you need to provide resistance while doing the exercise. You can do this by using your own body weight, with resistance bands, weight lifting or using dumbbell weights.

Dumbbell weights are an easy way to provide varying levels of resistance by using different weighted dumbbells.

They can easily be used at home or in the gym. You don't have to spend lots of money to get started with dumbbells.

While there are limitations on how much weight you can have with dumbbells, they are a great way to start any strength training routine.

As you build and tone your muscles, you may have to move up on the weights or begin to use free weights and a weight bench to add additional resistance.

However, if you are just looking to continue toning your body, the dumbbells will do the trick. 

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