Upper Body Stretches

Here are some upper body stretches with instructions.

Each page also includes a free exercise videos that demonstrate the proper way to perform the various stretching exercises.

The muscles worked in these stretches include the biceps, triceps, forearms, shoulders, chest and even the neck muscles.

So you will be working your arms, back, shoulders and chest with these body stretches.

You will want to warm up first before doing any stretching routines. This will help prevent tears and injury to the muscles.

Stretching can help relieve pain and stress. It's a great way to relax your body, mind and muscles.

Each stretch includes step by step instructions and a video demonstration so you can ensure you are doing it correctly.

List of Upper Body Stretches

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If you want to do all of these and start from the beginning, use the next button below the list. Some of the videos above will have more than one stretch. This is so that it can stretch all areas of the particular muscle it is focused on.

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In addition to these upper body stretches, try adding these lower body stretches as well.

Benefits of Stretching

When pressed for time, many will often skip warming up, cooling down and stretching. These are all important steps to a full workout routine.

Stretching not only helps keep the muscles healthy, there are many other benefits as well.

Relieving stress is one of these. With the hectic schedule many people have, stress comes into their life on a weekly (and even daily) basis.

One way to relieve this is to stretch out the muscles in your body.

While this is a great benefit, it's not the only one. Stretching also improves your circulation. The better your circulation is the easier can heal injuries to the muscles.

This type of exercise is also great for your posture. When you stretch, you are keeping the muscles loose. This helps improve posture and can reduce aches and pains.

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