Lower Body Stretches

Use these lower body stretches for your quads, glutes, hamstrings and more.

Stretching your muscles helps prevent injury and lengthens the muscles for a toned body.  

These illustrated stretching exercises include either a step by step instructions, exercise video or a combination of both.  

Stretches for the lower body are a great way to lengthen, strengthen and tone your lower half.  

Each stretch is on it's own page complete with step by step instructions and a fitness video to ensure you are doing them correctly.

As with any exercise, make sure to do it correctly in order to minimize risk of injury and to properly stretch the muscles.  

To view the instructions and the exercise videos for these stretches, use the links below or select the next button below the list to start with the first video. 

Lower Body Stretches List

You can use the links below to go directly to a specific stretching move. If you want to view all of these, just use the next/previous buttons located at the bottom of each page. There are seven different stretches in this series.
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Tips for Stretching

Stretching for just 10 minutes each day helps improve balance, flexibility and strength. Before beginning any stretching your muscles must first be warmed up.

You can do this by simply walking or jogging in place for 5 to 10 minutes. If your muscles are cold and not prepared you could cause injuries to them.

Never over stretch to the point of creating tears in the muscles. It's okay to deepen the stretch, but only to the point you feel mild discomfort and are not putting stress on the muscles.

You want to hold the position and not pulse or bounce the move. When you bounce you risk over stretching the muscles which can strain the muscles.

Remember to breathe while you do your routine. You want to keep the muscles oxygenated.

Try to work opposing muscle groups with your stretching routine. If you are stretching the front of the thighs, then make the next stretch the opposing muscle group in the back of the thighs.

If you have had any recent injuries or are just starting out, you might need to check with your doctor first.

After you have completed these lower body stretches, try some lower body strengthening using dumbbell weights.

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