Home Exercises

Try some home exercises for your winter workouts and avoid the cold and weather outside by staying inside.

Has the cold and snowy weather put a damper on your exercise routine?

As the weather turns frightful, even though the snow is delightful many of your normal workouts may not be feasible.

No longer can you go for your brisk walk without freezing your toes and the daily jaunt around the school track is now covered in snow.

It's time to take your workouts indoors with some alternative methods for keeping up your weekly routine.

Don't let the cooler weather stop you from keeping up your healthy lifestyle. There are many ways to still get sweaty with a workout indoors.

Here are just a few ways you can stay fit and trim.

Walk Rain, Snow or Shine with a Treadmill

A treadmill is a perfect way to keep up your brisk walks or daily jogs. With a treadmill you can find a workout that's perfect for your level.

people running on treadmillWith adjustable speeds and inclines, this type of home exercises is great for beginners and hard core athletes.

Many even come with pre-programmed settings to give you a great workout.

There are more things you can do with a walking workout than most people think. For one, walking works the entire body.

If you swing your arms in time with your walking stride you get the heart involved and that raises the amount of fat you will burn along with your heart rate.

So pump the legs and the arms to get the most from you home exercises using a treadmill.

A treadmill is economical. For a couple of hundred dollars, you can have a great workout any time you feel in the mood. A gym membership may cost that much and more in a year. If you can’t sleep at 3am, get up and jump on your treadmill for a brisk walk.

Treadmills allow you to multi-task as you burn the fat. You can set the timer on for dinner and use this cooking time to sneak in a home exercise routine.

If you are a multi-tasker you can even read, watch your T.V. Show or listen to some great tunes while you burn fat and calories. 

Newer treadmill models have space saving options. Some treadmills fold up so that it stays out of the way when not in use.

You can place your treadmill in your den, living room corner, bedroom, or garage. The main point is that you have a way to exercise that is always available.

Choose a treadmill with workout features. A treadmill with an incline increases the intensity of the workout. You can take a slow uphill climb or walk quickly downhill using an incline.

Some treadmills offer preloaded programs that challenge your exercise level. If you feel up to it crank up the speed on your treadmill to a jog or to a full run.

Treadmills pay for themselves with functionality, options, and accessibility. Get a great workout at home on your own schedule.

Fitness DVDs at Home

Another great way to do home exercises while the snow is falling is to cozy up with your television. I don't mean grab a warm blanket and your favorite movie, although that sounds nice and warm, I mean get warmed up and sweaty with a fitness DVD.

There are so many selections that you are bound to find the one that is right for you. Whether it be a cardiovascular workout, strength training or even stretching exercises, you can get a fantastic workout with just a few dollars investment.

There are many experts in the fitness field that have put together workouts for the beginners to advanced level.

For instance, Billy Blanks has some great DVDs that get you “amped up” and burning fat and calories. With his amp bar you not only are burning calories but building muscle.

Other experts and favorites include Denise Austin, Richard Simmons and Jillian Michaels. Each has there own unique style and all will get you moving.

So warm up the boob tube and your body with home exercises using your favorite fitness DVD's

More Home Exercise Ideas

Other ways you can get moving and stay warm inside does not have to cost you anything. Try using your own body weight for your workout.

senior man using dumbbellsBody weight exercises are a great way to strengthen and tone muscles without having to buy exercise equipment.

Of course if you want to add some extra resistance, dumbbell weights or resistance bands are fairly inexpensive option.

If cardio is what you are looking for try looking in your own house for ways to move about. Climbing stairs is a great aerobic workout as you are using your large leg muscles as well as the upper body.

Add this to your weekly routine by climbing the stairs several times 3 or 4 times a week.

Mix it up by running up a few steps and then back down. Then add more steps for your next sprint and so on. Or you can simply walk up and down several times until you feel the burn – and believe me – you will feel this workout.

If you really want the full works at home, then look at investing in a home gym. While this option can be a bit pricy, you will never have to drive the icy roads to your local gym again – plus no more gym fees. So eventually this option pays for itself – so long as you use it and don't let it collect dust.

Home gyms vary in size and types of exercises you can do. Some come complete with a full body workout while others will charge extra for additional pieces. Be sure to do your homework and get the one that's right for you.

So don't let the cold cool you down on your workouts. Instead reinvent your routine and add some exercises you can do from home.

Here are some example circuit training workouts you can try for your home exercises.

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