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Do you know your Exercise Personality? Learning your workout type may help you to stay on your exercise schedule.

Does this sound familiar - you start an exercise routine and it goes good for several days or even a few weeks. Then you stop working out.

You think it's lack of motivation or no time in your schedule. However, it could be your workouts don't compliment your personality.

There are several fitness personalities. You could be a square, rectangle, circle, triangle or squigglies (love the name of this one).

If you want to know if you are a square (and I don't mean a geek) or a squiggly, then read this article to learn more.

Exercise Personality Types

Your personality type can also be your workout personality. You may have to mix things up a bit and change your exercise routine in order to get beyond the weight loss plateaus.


Square personalities are reliable, stable and predictable. If you are a square exercise personality, then you tend to keep to the same routine each day, week and over the months.

This is okay as you tend to stick to your routine. But once you hit a weight loss plateau, this routine needs to be shaken up and changed.

Here are some steps you can use to mix it up to push past the plateaus.

  • Throw out the schedule and think outside the box (or in your case, the square). Try being impulsive and don't plan your routine the day before. Instead get up and just do what ever workout strikes your fancy that day.
  • Get outside!  You’ve been walking or jogging at the same pace at the same time each day using your treadmill. Instead, take it outside and change it up.  Without the monitors your speed will not be predicted and the duration can be more flexible.
  • Pump It Up!  If your strength training has consisted of only resistance bands or dumbbell weights, then it’s time to pump some iron.  Go to the gym and use some of the machines to mix it up.


Like the square, you like things orderly and routine but can be more flexible as a rectangle exercise personality. You do better in social groups but find yourself working out alone.

Here are some tips for rectangles exercise personality.

  • Join a gym, walking group or exercise class. These are scheduled so meets your routine personality but also offers you the social interaction.
  • Use your flexibility to alter your workouts when things come up. If a class gets cancelled, just pick something different for that day and time.


Circles are emotional, helpful and love to socialize. As a circle you let your emotions drive your workouts. You tend to be the social butterfly at the gym talking up a storm to whomever will listen. You are a caring person but often put your own needs at the bottom of the list.

Here are some tips to keep you exercising.

  • Find a workout buddy or trainer that is motivating but won't push too hard.
  • Because you like to socialize, join a group class for your perfect workout. You can be part of the group as you follow the routine.
  • Stop putting yourself last on the list. Learn to take care of your needs and fit your exercise routine in your busy schedule of helping others.


Triangle personalities are competitive and driven. You are very organized and detailed. As a triangle exercise personality you can probably tell your friends exactly how many reps you did on which machine on what day and at what time.

You tend to track all the details of your workout and monitor your progress closely. However, if you don't have a goal (or the finish line) identified you tend to lose motivation and have a hard time sticking to your routine.

Here are some tips to keep you moving.

  • Set your goal. Make goals for your exercises to keep it competitive and keep you motivated.
  • Find another triangle as your workout buddy. This will add that edge of competition to help your workout even harder.
  • Set a higher goal like training for a marathon or competitive sport.


Squigglies are outgoing, spontaneous and hate the mundane of routine. As a squiggly exercise personality you have no set routine. You are the complete opposite of a square and tend to be spontaneous.

If your workout is too routine you find it easy to quit and then look again for something new to try.

Here are some tips to keep you working out.

  • Do many different types of workouts. If working out at home, get a variety of exercise DVDs. Use dumbbell weights and resistance bands to keep it varied.
  • Join some classes at your local community center. Although these are scheduled (and you hate routines) pick different ones and make them fun like a dance class, volleyball and other activities.
  • Try new sports and activities with friends like hiking, canoeing and snowboarding. These will not only burn calories but you will love the action these sports bring.

Here's an exercise personality quiz that helps you find the right workout activities. 

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