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Snack Personality

What does your snack personality say about you?

Do you crave the salty snacks like pretzels, potato chips and crackers?

Perhaps your favorite in between meals food is beef jerky, summer sausages or pepperoni slices.

Others crave cheese chunks or even chocolate treats.

What you crave says something about your personality. 

Whether your snack cravings match your personality or not, we all have times when we want or need a snack. 

Just try to make your snack choices healthier so you can satisfy your cravings but still eat healthy.

What do you Crave?

Salt Seekers Snack Personality

crackersIf potato chips are your choice for those sinful snacks then you tend to be successful at work and at home.

If it's pretzels that you crave then you hate the mundane routine of day to day tasks and instead seek out the abstract and different.

If your salty taste buds crave tortilla chips you are likely a humanitarian who stresses easily over the injustices of the world. 

For those of you who satisfy their cravings with a good old fashioned cracker, you are a thoughtful person who examines all the details before making a decisio

Meat Eaters

For you meat eaters that love the beef jerky, summer sausages and other meaty snacks you like to have fun.

You are the life of the party, friendly and outgoing. Go Meat! 

Say Cheese!

Cheesy snack lovers are very grounded and proper. If this is your favorite in between snack then you tend to be a true and honest friend.

You are contentious and morale. People consider your trust worthy and have a high integrity.

Decadent Chocolate Lovers

chocolate cakeLet’s face it – chocolate for many are the number one food cravings when looking for snacks – I know it's my go to snack food when I just really need to have something. 

For those dark chocolate lovers, you are very outgoing and enjoy life and are generally the life of the party. 

For those who add nuts to the tasty delight of chocolate, you are friendly and a nurturer. 

And of course the milk chocolate lovers are compassionate and thinkers.  You will mull over the data before making any moves.

In addition to this snack personality article, here's one about why we crave chocolate. So if you fell into the category of decadent chocolate lovers then this is a must read article.

Here are some tips on eating healthy so your snack attack food won't undo your hard work to lose weight.

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