Feel Good Super Foods

Feed Your Body and Spirit with Super Foods

cereals with blueberriesWho doesn't want to feel good these days?

The trials and tribulations of daily life, economic crises, you name it, we are all affected.

Special foods help to heighten your mood, something we could often do with. These foods not only feed your body, but also nurture the spirit.

Benefits of Super Foods

If you have been eating foods high in fats, packed with refined sugars and fried in loads of oil, then just the act of starting to eat super foods will benefit you emotionally.

The switch to foods with high levels of absorbable nutrition will enable your brain to function more effectively and your body to become more energetic.

 As you develop a sensible and healthy eating plan, rich in antioxidants and bioactive nutrients, your body and your spirit will feel better and better.

Nature has designed super foods especially for the human body. 

Eaten in their unprocessed or as close to their natural state as possible, they supply a nutritionally complete diet, a perfect fit for our bodies. 

They contain a great number of disease fighting properties and are made up of elements that boost brain activity and capacity.

Foods for the Body and Soul

Here are several super foods that will feed your body and soul.

Acai Berry

There has been an enormous amount of media attention paid recently to the acacia or acai berry.

The truth of this super fruit is that it has properties that help elevate the mood and spirit, as well as an element that helps to balance blood glucose levels.

One of the main effects of leveling blood glucose in the body is to help prevent excessive hunger. Unfortunately, the acai berry has been promoted as a wonder berry that will ensure weight loss on its own.

The truth is that like all super foods it must be combined with a sensible eating plan and regular exercise for weight loss to occur.


The peach is a powerful food that not only offers health benefits, but also has a calming effect on the human mind.

The saying, "a peaches and cream complexion" not only compares a woman's skin to peaches, but may be referring to the effect peaches can have on the skin, helping to make it clear and glowing.

Peaches contain ingredients that, amongst other things, help to fight cancer and are also a natural dewormer of the human intestinal tract.

Giving an active child a peach to eat in the evening may act as an anxiety remedy and promote sleep, as one of the elements in peaches is a very mild natural sedative.


blueberriesBlueberries could be described as the super brain food.

It has been discovered that this little berry can help improve brain function and enhance mood, as well as containing properties that can help combat cancer cells.

The blueberry is also being tested with regard to Alzheimer's disease and the results are promising.


Almonds, with their high content of zinc and Vitamin B12, will help reverse moodiness and facilitate a feeling of ease.

Also containing monounsaturated fats, almonds are an excellent super food snack that will help keep the arteries pliable and the heart healthy.

Almonds are rich in iron, which can combat low iron levels in the blood, which is a frequent cause of fatigue.

Cocoa / Chocolate

chocolate dessertMany people suffer from sluggishness and irritation and do not understand why.

The cause might well be a lack of magnesium. A super food that contains this essential mineral is raw chocolate or cocoa.

Consumption of these foods will help maintain brain function and energy.

Research has shown that more than half the adult population of the United States suffers from a deficiency of magnesium in their diets.

Although cocoa does not have the most pleasant taste, it makes up for it by providing enough magnesium to meet the need of the human body for this important constituent.

Remember, however, that it must be raw chocolate, processed chocolate has a sugar and fat content that is not good for the body.


Maca, the Peruvian root powder, can be a key factor in alleviating anxiety and depression. Maca is packed with potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium and iodine, all elements that can bring about the abating of depression.

Studies have shown that in some cases maca can even relieve depression that is being treated with antidepressants.

Maca must be used in its natural form; the processed maca that can be found in some specially combined and often expensive supplements and drinks is not nearly as effective.

It may not be easy to find unprocessed maca, but the time spent on the search and cost involved is often worth it.

This root powder, with its natural elements and powerful mood elevating properties, can be used either in a tea or sprinkled over other super foods. It will assist the body in deflecting anemia, tiredness and depression as well as improving mental sharpness.

A diet that includes some of the above mentioned super foods will ensure that your body becomes healthier and your spirit is enriched. Super foods are a simple way of improving the quality of life and beating the emotional blues.

About the author:

Ryan is a father and ex anxiety sufferer. He worked as a high-school teacher for a few years, but now helps full-time other people overcome their anxiety problems.

He is married, has two girls, and currently lives in Washington D.C. It took years of suffering, many anxiety treatments and a tipping-point in his life to make a number of "huge leaps" toward anxiety elimination and a more fulfilling life.

His success inspired him to create and write for his website about Anxiety and Panic Attacks, which helps other people get rid of this annoying condition.

Be sure to check out these power packed super foods that have many health benefits.

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