Advanced Weight Loss Workout

The weight loss workout on this page is a more advanced level.

Similar to the intermediate example, for the advanced level example, you will be doing six days of exercising including both strength training and aerobics.

If you want to take this example for a full 7 days, just pick one of the days to repeat on that 7th day.

You can also add something different for that seventh day like water aerobics, circuit training or just go for a nice jog at the park.

Advanced Workout Example

Weight Loss Workout Plan Day 1 – Interval Training

After warming up for about 5 minutes, do a 45 to 60 minute session of interval training. Interval training (or HIIT) is a combination of lower intensity aerobics to high intensity exercises like running.

You can do this on a treadmill, elliptical machine or outside on a track or running path.

Here is an example advanced interval routine you can use for your weight loss workout. Of course you can always just create your own routine.

Weight Loss Workout Plan Day 2 – Strength Training

Now it’s time for some strength training.  Before you start your strength training, be sure to warm up and stretch those muscles. 

home gymIf you are at this level, then you are familiar with the different types of strengthening exercises.

For this day, work the upper and lower body using a circuit training workout.

You can use resistance bands, dumbbell weights or weight lifting equipment for this session.

Pick 10 - 12 different strengthening moves and do each one for 1 - 2 minutes. Rest inbetween each move for about 30 seconds (or longer if needed).

Do all 10 - 12 exercises to complete this circuit.

Weight Loss Workout Plan Day 3 - Abs and Aerobics

For this day, pick your favorite form of aerobics. It can be a workout DVD, jogging at the park, using an elliptical or your treadmill. Do a full 30 minutes of this activity. Workout at a medium to medium/high intensity for at least 75% of this time.

Then do an abdominal workout for about 10 - 15 minutes. Be sure to work all the abdominal muscles including the obliques and transverse abdominals. You can add some core muscles as well and work the lower back.

Day 4 - Time to Rest

Take this day off to let the body recoup and rest. If you want to workout all seven days, then try doing an endurance circuit workout where you combine both strength training as well as high impact aerobics.

Weight Loss Workout Plan Day 5 - Aerobic & Strength Training

women runningOn this day, do a 40 - 50 minute aerobic workout. Again, you pick what works best for you on your schedule and available equipment.
Once you have completed the aerobics, do a quick 15 minute strength training workout focusing on the upper and lower body.

If you feel up to it, add some abdominal exercises as well.

Weight Loss Workout Plan Day 6 - Aerobics

Do a full 60 minutes of aerobics. Alternate between medium to high levels of intensity for the bulk of this time.

Use the low intensity level when you need to slow it down and catch your breath, but don't stop completely. Make sure you keep moving.

Many treadmills and elliptical machines have the ability to program the duration and the intensity. They even have pre-programmed workouts that you could use. These programs will automatically alternate the intensity by changing the speed and/or the incline/resistance.

Weight Loss Workout Plan Day 7 - Strength Training

For this day, do a full body strengthening working all areas of the body (lower, upper and core). If your muscles are a bit sore from the previous days, use less resistance and less repetitions.

You should shoot for about a 30 minute workout on this last day.

If this example was a bit too much for your current fitness level, then try the beginner's or advanced workouts. Just click on a button below to see those examples.

For even more ideas for your weight loss workout, check out this article on the best fat burning exercises.

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