Cutting Calories to Lose Weight

If you are cutting calories to lose weight they you are off to a great start. The amount of calories you consume is a key component to reaching your weight loss goals.

When you are trying to lose weight you want to consume fewer calories than you burn.

You can do this by reducing the amount of calories you eat or adding exercise to your weekly routine – or a combination of both. Here are some simple tips to cut calories to get you losing weight now

Cutting Calories While Eating Out

Cutting calories while eating out, while it seems impossible, can be done. When trying to lose weight you don't have to give up eating out once in awhile.

More and more restaurants are adding healthier choices to their menu items – even fast food restaurants.

Selecting healthier foods is just one way to cut calories while eating out. Try these other tips as well.

Order your toast dry and ask for butter on the side. Then lightly butter your toast. Or better yet, ask if they have any sugar free jelly or all fruit jams. Jelly or all fruit jam will have less fat and fewer calories per serving than butter.

Ask for substitutes when ordering meals. Instead of the french fries that come as a side with your sandwich ask for apple sauce or cottage cheese instead.

These sides will help fill you up for a lot fewer calories than the fatty french fries. Not only are these healthier sides but you will be cutting calories in order to lose weight.

Start with a salad for your meal. Filling up on a salad before the main course arrives will help you eat less of the main meal. Get the dressing on the side and use just a little or make your salad dry. This way you avoid drenching your salad in the high calorie dressings.

Check the kid's menu before you order. The portion sizes tend to be much smaller offer some of the same delicious meals. With smaller portions you will be cutting calories while eating out.

Special order your items when you can. For instance, instead of eggs with breakfast ask for egg whites only or egg substitutes. Opt for turkey bacon or sausage over regular bacon and sausage. The leaner turkey options will be less calories than their meaty counterparts.

Drink water instead of ordering a soda or juice. Water not only has zero calories but will help fill you up faster. If you want something other than water try diet soda, low fat milk or a small glass of juice.
These are just a few ways for cutting calories while eating out. Now let's take a look at some ways you can change your eating habits at home and reduce the amount of calories you consume in order to lose weight.

Cutting Calories at Home

Since most of the food we consume is while at home, finding ways for cutting calories at home is critical in reaching your weight loss goals.

These tips are simple changes that you can incorporate as a life style change so that once you lose the weight you can keep it off.

  • For those coffee drinkers try a sugar substitute instead of sugar. Use skim milk or 1% milk instead of the heavy flavored creamers.

    These two changes to your morning cup of coffee can reduce your total daily calorie intake.

  • Try starting your day off with some low fat yogurt and a dry piece of whole wheat toast. If you want something on your toast try an all fruit spread instead of butter.

    Other ways for cutting calories for your breakfast include using egg whites instead of whole eggs. If you want whole eggs try poached instead of fried. Eat whole grain cereals with skim milk.

    Buy turkey breakfast meats or lean ham to help reduce your calorie consumption for breakfast.

  • Read the labels of the foods you buy. There are many simple ways to reduce the calories in the foods you eat. For instance, select tuna packed in water versus oils.

    Choose leaner cuts of meats over the fattier meats. Choose whole grain breads and cereals. You can even make your snacks healthier by selecting baked chips versus fried chips.

  • Eat more vegetables to help reduce calories and help fill you up. Start lunch with a green salad. Buy light or fat free dressings and be sure to use just a little to flavor your salad.

    Some ways to reduce calories for lunch include having just a half sandwich after your salad. Add some fresh fruit if in season.

    If not in season buy fruits with no added sugars. Use lean meats, light mayonnaise or mustard.
  • For dinner, reduce the portion sizes of the side dishes like potatoes and pasta. Instead make your veggies and fruit servings a bit larger to help fill you up. Again make sure the meats are lean.

  • Alter your recipes to reduce calories and make them healthier. Whenever possible, replace vegetable oil with applesauce for your baked goods. Use sugar substitute as well. Instead of frying your foods try baking them or cooking them on the grill. Changing your recipes is a great way for cutting calories.

  • Make your snacks lighter and healthier. Pick up lots of sugar free jello and light whip cream to help satisfy your sweet tooth during the day.

    This is a fast, easy snack that has very few calories. Other low calorie snacks include popcorn (but don't add butter), apple slices and non-fat or low fat cheese.
These tips for cutting calories can help you get started on your weight loss plan.

Remember that reducing calories is just one component of becoming healthier.

You also want to add some activity to your day and select healthier foods. After all, you want to make the most of your efforts and calories by making the calories count.

In addition to these tips for cutting calories try these tips to eating healthy.

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