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Reviews of Free Weight Loss Plans

These reviews of free weight loss programs are based on my research and understanding of these plans.

My opinion may vary from yours, however, the information is meant to be a guide for you to select the best free weight loss plan for you.

Read these reviews of the top free weight loss diets.  

These programs are free to join and with your membership, you will have access to their program and their tools.

Select the Weight Loss Plan you want to see the review on using the links below.

Each review gives a brief overview of each free program with the pros and cons and the freebies offered.

Free Weight Loss Plans

Ever wonder how they can offer these free weight loss programs when others cost money?  

Well, every website has costs associated with it for building and maintaining it. Even my site has costs associated with it.

Therefore, free sites must generate revenue from somewhere in order to sustain it's future.  Websites can generate money various ways.  

For most of these free weight loss plans, they generate revenue through advertisers or selling a product or a combination of both.

Regardless of how they generate their revenue, the end result to you is a free weight loss program. But this will help explain why you see almost all free websites with "advertisements" on their sites.  It's what helps generate their revenue so that they can continue to be free to you, the consumer.

Spark People

In this website's opinion, this is the number 1 free weight loss program available on the internet. is an amazing totally free weight loss plan that has all the same features as many of the other successful online diets.  

The tools include weight tracking, tracking your water intake, daily meal plans, fitness plans and tracking reports.

You can modify the meal plan by adding, deleting or substituting foods in the suggested plan. Similarly, you can modify the exercise plan by adding strength training or cardio exercises.

Their best tool is the Sparkpoints.  These are great motivators to keep you on track and helps walk you through the steps to track and monitor your progress.


This is for adults only.  For free weight loss for teens, check out their  

Same great tools and totally free.
They also have communities you can join for support and motivation.  

Check out if you want to see more about their free weight loss plans.

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Fit Day

This is another totally free weight loss program. This diet plan lets you track your weight, activities and foods.

In addition with the free account you can access their detailed nutritional information and food database. You can customize foods as well as view various reports for activities, weight and nutrition.

It does not give you meal plans or fitness plans but you can record what you eat and which exercises you do and for how long.

While the free version gives you a lot, you may want to check out their paid options as well. For $29.95 you can go "off line" by purchasing their FitDay PC software. With all the same reports and tracking available online, you can have quicker access by using your PC.

With the FitDay PC you can customize nutritional goals as well as used enhanced tracking features.

There is also a premium version for their online tools. For $49.95 you get enhanced tracking, customized goals and there are no advertisements with the paid premium account.

You can check it out and decide if the free weight loss program or a paid version is right for you. Visit to find out more about their program.

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Fit Click

veggies Here is a free weight loss program that looks promising. I just signed up myself so not sure about all the details other than what they outline on their website.

Once you register you start by picking a diet plan for you. There are low carb diets, vegetarian diets, diabetic diets, etc.

Once you have selected the diet plan you want to follow you are given a daily meal plan.

All the suggested meals have recipes so there is no guessing at how to prepare or what ingredients to use. You can add, swap, delete and save foods to your favorites.

In addition to a meal plan you can have Fit Click create a workout plan. You can select from beginner to advanced and it will give you a suggested weekly workout. You can also choose to create your own workout plan. If you don't want a weekly workout plan, you can skip this step and simply record your exercises.

measuring tapesThey also have tracking abilities online. You can track your weight, measurements (such as waist, hips and more), body fat % and more. You can even track your blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol.

Additional perks with this diet program include a support community, recipe finder, weight loss tips and more. It is well worth the look and it's free. So check it out at

Be sure to check out these online diet reviews.  There are a couple of sites that offer virtually free weight loss programs as their prices are very low.

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