Weight Loss for Women

These tips on weight loss for women are not necessarily gender specific, but do have the female gender in mind.

Most of us have heard the saying “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”.

Basically, it recognizes the differences between men and women on many different levels.

Losing weight is one of those areas in which there are many differences – from body composition to general attitudes on reaching the goal.

So with the female in mind, these tips can help you achieve your weight loss goals no matter what planet we come from.

Tip #1 - Too Good to be True?

Women, more so than men, tend to try out the latest and greatest diet tricks, pills or fads.

When something sounds too good to be true, in many cases it is.

While there are legit diet plans and pills that can help, it is not the only component to being successful.

Don't take everything as advertised and at face value.

Do some digging and researching before spending more money on something that may not work for you. Keep in mind that eating healthy and exercising can go a long way and be a lot less expensive.

Tip #2  - Starvation Standoff

Men have a higher metabolism than women so they can reduce their calories but still have decent portions and lose weight.

Women will try to cut their calories by too much in order to achieve the same fast results they see their male counterparts achieve. The problem is, this reduction is too much for what their bodies need.

So instead of losing weight, they start to slow down their metabolism with their starvation techniques. When a women reduces their caloric intake by too much, the body reacts and goes into survival mode, storing the food as fat.

So instead of losing weight they may actually end up gaining weight.

Weight Loss for Women Tip # 3 - Make a Muscle

Another reason men seem to have an easier time at losing weight is based on their body composition. Men have a higher percentage of muscle than women, and in turn a lower body fat percent.

The more lean muscle a person has the higher their metabolism. The higher the metabolism the more calories you burn in a day.

The more calories you burn, the more weight you lose. So ladies, get out the dumbbell weights or resistance bands or head to the gym and lift some weights.

There is no need to get “bulked” up to achieve your weight loss for women goals, but make some muscles to speed up your metabolism.

Weight Loss for Women Tip #4 – Emotional Roller Coaster

Although women are more in touch with their emotions and how these emotions effect their eating habits, they also tend to give in to the emotional eating more so than men.

Knowing what emotions trigger you to reach for the cookie jar is just one step. It's time to take that next step and find alternatives to eating when dealing with emotions.

If you are feeling frustrated that you are losing weight too slow, then stay off the scale for a week and just focus on the goal.

This will keep you from having your ups and downs when tracking your weight loss progress.

Tip #5 – Get Out of the Kitchen

In many homes it is primarily the woman that will prepare the family meals. If you are like me, you may find yourself taking a nibble here or tasting the sauce over there.

While it may not seem like much, these extra bites, and often unaccounted for, can add up on the calories for the day. So give yourself some time out of the kitchen and have your significant other fix a few meals.

This can give you some extra time to go for a walk around the block and burn off a few more calories instead of taking in those calories.

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