Weight Watchers Points


Check out these Weight Watchers points for Monical's Pizza restaurant. In addition to the WW points you will find nutrition information for their menu items.

Only the points plus and original points numbers could be calculated as the sugar nutrition information was not available.

For the non members, the restaurant nutrition includes calories, total fat, saturated fat, carbohydrates and protein.

Weight Watchers Points & Nutrition

Use the interactive features to view the Weight Watchers Points or restaurant nutrition in the table below. Click here for help on using the interactive features. We recommend using Google Chrome or Internet Explorer for the interactive table as some of the interactive features do not work with FireFox.

Note: Javascript must be enabled to use the interactive features. If you don't have javascript enabled, you will not be able to search, filter, sort or use the drop down menu.

Note: Sugar information was not available for this restaurant therefore SmartPoints are not available.
Menu Group Menu Item Serv SPts Pts + Org Pts Cal Tfat Sfat Fib Pro Carb Sug
Click on any menu item to see additional nutrition information
Menu Group Menu Item Serv SPts Pts + Org Pts Cal Tfat Sfat Fib Pro Carb Sug

Nutrition Key:

SPts = Smart Points
Pts + =Points Plus
Org Pts = Original WW Points

Cal = Calories(kCal)
TFat = Total Fat(g)
SFat = Saturated Fat(g)
Fib = Dietary Fiber(g)
Pro = Protein(g)
Carb = Carbohydrates(g)
Sug = Sugar(g)

Note: The SmartPoints values are not adjusted for the new FreeStyle plan as nutrition generally does not show by ingredients. Therefore if there is a menu item you know includes a zero point food item, your points will be less than what is shown in the table.

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