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Welcome to the Weight Watchers blog where we let you know what's new, what's changed and what's trending with weight loss, exercise, recipes and of course the WW restaurant updates.

If you are a frequent visitor to this site, then keeping up on new and changed pages will help you get all the information you need to reach your diet goals.

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New Recipes

This section of the weight watchers blog shows new recipes. We've been focusing on recipes, so you will see lots of those here. We will continue to add more and more recipes each week, so come back here often to find somthing new to make.


Cucumber Sub Sandwiches

Here's a healthy and light sandwich that doesn't require any bread. The cucumber is your sub roll and is filled with low fat cheeses and meats.


Bonless BBQ Rib Sandwich

This sandwich is for the hearty appetite. The toasted bread, tangy BBQ sauce and caramelized onions bring tons of flavor to this meal.

View the BBQ Rib Sandwich Recipe   Added March 3, 2018


No Bake Cheesecake Cups

This no bake dessert recipes uses lowfat, nonfat and sugar substitute ingredients making it a healthy (and lower WW points) treat you can have.


Turkey Dumpling Soup

This dumpling soup combines the flavors of different vegetables and turkey breast for a healthy, hot entrée. Add your favorite appetizer to complete the meal.

View the Turkey Dumpling Soup Recipe   Added February 28, 2018


Cheese Tortellini Soup

Warm up your taste buds with this cheese tortellini soup. If you are not a gourmet chef, no worries. This recipe uses pre-packaged tortellinis and other simple ingredients.

View the Cheese Tortellini Soup Recipe   Added February 28, 2018


Almond Citrus Salad

No need for a salad dressing as the flavor and moisture of the marinade is all you will need. Add the crunch and taste of the roasted almonds to delight your taste buds

View the Caribbean Chicken Salad Recipe   Added February 27, 2018


Caribbean Chicken Salad with Peanut Chutney Dressing

This Caribbean chicken salad makes for a nice light lunch or dinner. With baked Caribbean chicken breasts and a flavorful peanut chutney dressing, this is one lunch you won't want to skip.

View the Caribbean Chicken Salad Recipe   Added February 27, 2018


Fire Roasted Tomato Soup

This fire roasted tomato soup blends so many flavors together to make a surprisingly delicious hot soup. It goes great with a sandwich or a salad to make a nice light lunch.

View the Fire Roasted Tomato Soup Recipe   Added February 25, 2018


Pesto Shrimp Pasta

Try this pesto shrimp pasta for a seafood dinner night. With the creamy pesto sauce and the delightful taste of the shrimp you may want seconds. Just 6 SmartPoints with this recipe.

View the Pesto Shrimp Pasta Recipe   Added February 24, 2018


Frozen Applesauce Delight

This is such an easy, and oh so tasty, dessert recipe. Made with unsweetened applesauce and fruits, it's a Weight Watchers delight. There is only 1 SmartPoint in this one. Skip the cool whip and it's zero points.

View the Frozen Applesauce Recipe   Added February 21, 2018


Chicken Vegetable Stir-Fry

Get stirred up for this chicken stir-fry recipe. Lots of tasty goodness in this meal. With only 1 Weight Watchers SmartPoint, this is a light meal you can have often and not go over your allowance.

View the Chicken Veggie Stir-Fry Recipe   Added February 19, 2018


Stuffed Chicken Breast

This dinner recipe is stuffed with creamy goat cheese and tasty spinach. With only 4 FreeStyle SmartPoints, you can stuff yourself without going over your points allowance.

View the Stuffed Chicken Breast Recipe   Added February 19, 2018

Weight Watchers Blog - New Articles

This section of the weight watchers blog highlights new or updated articles. These can be Weight Watchers related, weight loss or exercise related or even about updates to restaurants.

fish recipes

Entree Recipes

I've added this page to group all the entree recipes on this site. Some of these are existing recipes and other are new so check it out.

fish recipes

Sandwich Recipes

There is now a page dedicated to the burgers and sandwich recipes on this site so you will be able to find them more easily.

fish recipes

Soup & Salad Recipes

Many new recipes have been added that fit in this category. So I've created a page dedicated to all the healthy soup and salad recipes on this site.

fish recipes

Fish Recipes

In addition to the above new Fish & Seafood recipe, all existing ones have been updated to include SmartPoints. You will see both a Freestyle SmartPonts and a non-Freestyle SmartPoint. This way if you haven't started free styling your diet, then you can use the non-Freestyle points.


Weight Loss Tools

This is not a new page but has recently been updated. The updates include adding all the SmartPoints and FreeStyle tools like the calculator and a tracking spreadsheet you can download.


FreeStyle Points Tracker

This page has been updated to show all the zero point foods on the FreeStyle plan. There are now over 200 items making counting a whole lot easier. You will find fish, chicken, turkey, yogurts and more that are now zero point guilt free foods.

Weight Watchers Blog - Updated Restaurants

restaurant food

In this section of the weight watchers blog, we highlight the updated restaurants. While cooking at home is always a great option as you can control the ingredients, life just gets busy sometimes. So eating out is sometimes necessary...and of course it's a nice break.

If you are wondering where you can eat and still track points, calories, fats and more, then take a look at the restaurant pages.

Check out the restaurants that begin with the letters I and J as they have been updated in March 2018. Some favorites are IHop, Jet's Pizza, Jack in the Box and Jersey Mike's plus more.

Restaurants beginning with the letter F, G & H were all updated in March 2018. Some favorites include Fazoli's, Friendly's, Godfather's Pizza, Golden Corral, Hardees and Harveys just to name a few.

Also updated in March 2018 are Applebee's and Outback Steakhouse is back on the list with updated nutrition.

Restaurants Beginning with a number were updated January 2018. These include 5 Guys Burgers, 54th Street Grill and 99 Restaurant.

Restaurants beginning with the letter A were updated January 2018. These include A&W, Aladdin's, Amigos & Kings, Arby's and Au Bon Pain. Applebee's will be updated in March as I am waiting for them to update their nutrition first.

Restaurants beginning with the letter E were updated January 2018. These include Eat n Park, Edo Japan, Einstein Bagels, Erbert & Gerbert's, Erik's Deli Cafe and Extreme Pita. Removed from the list due to lack of nutrition (or they use a nutrition calculator to personalize the order) are; Earls, East Side Marios, Eegees, EggSmart, El Polo Loco and Evo's.

Restaurants beginning with the letter D were updated December 2017. These include D'Angelo's, Dairy Queen, Daphne's, DeDutch, Del Taco, Denny's, Don Pablos, Donatos and Dunkin Donuts. Removed from the list due to lack of nutrition (or they use a nutrition calculator to personalize the order) are; Damons, Dominos and Dutch Bro.

I am currently working on restaurants beginning with the letter F and should be available by end of March 2018. These pages of the website take the most time to update, so please be patient and check the Restaurant List often.

Seasonal - Misc. Articles

Although these are not necessarily changed or new articles, I still wanted to highlight these pages on the weight watchers blog. These are either seasonal or misc. (or misfit) articles on this website.

Enjoy your reading

Guest Articles

For this section of the weight loss blog we highlight some guest articles. There are lots of resources available on exercise and weight loss, so we wanted to bring you some of these resources.