Fall Recipe Ideas

If you are a gardener or just love to by fresh, then here are several fall recipe ideas to use up all your harvest.

You now have lots of tomatoes, squash and pumpkins.

Not to mention all the peppers, fruits and more just sitting on any available table space, windowsill and pantries.

Now is the time to start using these up on some fun fall recipes.

Don't give all your hard work away to neighbors, friends, family and even sales people who happen to stop by.

Of course, if you have a bountiful harvest, then by all means share the wealth.

So what can you make with all your goodies from the garden?

Check out these recipe ideas for some tasty and healthy recipes for this fall.

You can make breads, jams, casseroles and so much more with your veggies and fruits.


This fall recipe idea is a great way to use up those fresh veggies. Fresh salsa is a bit hit for fall. 

Use up all those tomatoes and add some of your colorful yellow, red and green peppers in a spicy yet delicious salsa.

Add some of your onions, garlic, parsley or some of your other favorite ingredients.

You can even add some of your yellow corn, jalapeno peppers or more. 

Salsa is great with chips, smothered over your favorite Mexican dish or anything you want to give a little kick and flavor. 

Salsa makes a perfect party dish or while watching your favorite sport or movie on the television. 

Depending on the peppers you have planted you can make a Mexican salsa as well as a simple tomato salsa. If you choose to can salsa make sure you follow a recipe that is tried and sure to keep the acid out of your salsa.

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Sweet Potato Dishes

Sweet potatoes have great nutritional benefits as well as many favorite fall recipe ideas.

The sweet potato is rich in vitamin A and C and other minerals.

This food is a high anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory food that you should add to your meals anytime of the year.

Try making a sweet potato pie or just bake them.

These sweet tasting potatoes don't need any additions to taste good.

So leave off the butter and sour cream to make it healthier. 

This root also makes wonderful custards, casseroles and stews. It keeps fairly well if kept in dark places.

Once is has become woody, it is no longer good for use.

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