Fall Recipe Ideas

Fall Recipe Ideas Continued...

Zucchini Recipes

If you planted zucchinis then you probably have more than you know what to do with. Try making a zucchini boat as part of your fall recipe ideas.

Just slice the zucchini open, scoop out a bit of the middle then add some flavorful, fun and healthy toppings.

You can use ground turkey (be sure to cook it first) some fat free or low fat cheese, add some seasonings and it's ready to bake.

If the weather is still warm these cook up nice on the grill as well.

Of course there is the old favorite stand by zucchini bread. Who doesn't love this tasty treat during the fall?

You can freeze this vegetable and use it all winter long in breads and potato pancakes by adding zucchini to these favorite fall recipe ideas.

Decorate with Squash and Gourds

Okay, these are not exactly fall recipe ideas but this is a fun way to use up some of your garden fresh foods.

Squash and gourds can be used as decoration in your home or yard. 

If you’ve harvested them you will know that they are everywhere in the fall.

Take some fall flowers (mums are particularly hardy), squash and gourds and make table decorations from them.

Of course you can prepare and freeze squash for winter use.

If you have more than you need for decoration, try using up the squash for a nice healthy lasagna.

Just slice the squash thinly and lay this out in your baking dish. Add all the normal lasagna ingredients and then bake.

This makes a typically high in carbs meal a low carb healthy alternative.

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