Eating Healthy

Back to School Tips for Healthier Eating

Eating healthy for the whole school year is what most parents hope for. However, with all hectic schedules and all the un-healthy food choices, this is not an easy task.

With back to school just around the corner the normal daily schedule is about to change. 

But don’t let this stop your healthy eating habits.  Remember to make time for breakfast for you and your kids. 

Breakfast is the single most important meal of your day.  By eating a breakfast you are fueling your body and jump starting your day for school or work. 

Not only does breakfast fuel your body but fuels your mind. Studies have shown that children who eat breakfast perform better at school. 

And it would go without saying that the same is true of adults and their performance at work.

Eating healthy by starting with a healthy breakfast aids in weight loss.  Studies show those who eat breakfast maintain a 35 pound or more weight loss over those who do not eat breakfast. 

The most common breakfast of those who lost this weight was whole grain cereal and skim milk.  This is a quick and easy meal for breakfast. 

Here are some quick tips to ensure you keep eating healthy during the school year.

Make it Easy

Keep "easy to eat" breakfast foods on hand like bananas, apples, whole grain cereal and cereal bars and skim milk. 

If you don’t have time for a nice warm breakfast grab a quick bowl of cereal or a fruit and cereal bar to go.

Plan Ahead

Plan for lunch before the week starts.  Over the weekend plan for and shop for the next weeks lunch menu. 

Pack your child’s lunch the night before so you are not pressed for time in the morning.  Do the same with your healthy lunch as well.

Snack Right

Have healthy after school snacks on hand for when the kids get home. 

After a long day at school they will want something to fuel up. 

Cut up some cucumbers, carrots and celery and keep it in a closed container with water to keep fresh. 

Make two containers and take one to work with you to keep on hand for your break. 

Instead of potato chips try keeping popcorn on hand or whole wheat crackers.

It's Dinner Time

Set a schedule for dinner time to make sure you are eating healthy for all your meals.  Along with back to school also come all the school events like sports, choir practice and a dozen other activities. 

Plan your meals to accommodate these extra activities when you can.  And when you can’t and eating out is the only choice, select wisely from the menu and watch portion sizes.

No Skipping

Don’t skip meals on the weekend.  Make sure to continue eating healthy by starting your weekend with breakfast and follow up with healthy snacks and meals. 

This will help you keep your good habits and rev up your metabolism.

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