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Healthy Fish Recipes

These healthy fish recipes are perfect for your main meals.

From seafood to fresh water fish, you are sure to find something new you want to try for your next family dinner.

Of course fish is not just for dinner. There's even a breakfast frittata with salmon that is sure to warm you up in the morning.

Each recipe will show the ingredients required, step by step directions, nutrition information and the Weight Watchers points values.

The points include both the original values as well as the new points plus values. So if you are a member and tracking points, try some of these recipe ideas to stay within your daily and weekly allowance.

If you are not a member just use the nutrition information to track what you need to help you lose weight.

Healthy Fish Recipes

Scroll down through the page to find the healthy fish recipes you want to make.

cajun catfish recipeCajun Catfish
This is a spicy yet tasty fish recipe. The cayenne pepper tames down the fishy taste of catfish. These are breaded and broiled, not fried, so is more healthy than other dinner recipes.

parmesan tilapia recipeParmesan Tilapia
This is a lighter fish meal for a great healthy dinner or lunch. It's a delightful entree packed with healthy goodness. Fish gives you the healthy fats and has many benefits.

baked ginger glazed mahi mahi recipeBaked Mahi Mahi
This delicious fish recipe combines both sweet and sour taste sensations with a wonderful spice kick from the ginger. Baking the fish instead of frying cuts back on the fats and calories for this healthy dinner idea.

tuna salad and lemon french dressing recipeTuna Salad w/ Lemon French Dressing
This is a light side dish, lunch or even your main meal. This page contains the recipe for the tuna salad and the salad dressing. You can use your own dressing or add the zest of lemon from this recipe idea.

garlic lemon cod recipeGarlic Lemon Cod
Here's a healthy fish recipe that adds the zest of lemon to it's flavor. This mild tasting fish is perfect for adding tasty seasonings and flavors like lemon and garlic.

tuna stuffed potato recipeTuna Stuffed Potato
If you are looking for an appetizer or side dish with some fish, then try these tuna stuffed potatoes. This puts a nice healthy twist on the typical twice baked potato.

swordfish pasta stir fry recipeSwordfish Pasta Stir Fry
Try some swordfish with your pasta stir fry. This recipe combines the flavors of ginger, garlic and soy sauce with the fish, pasta and vegetables.

salmon vegetable frittata recipeSalmon Vegetable Frittata
Fish is not just for dinner. This healthy frittata combines salmon and veggies to make a nice egg bake for breakfast.

Add some desserts to go with your healthy fish recipes using these recipe ideas.

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