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Welcome! to Exercise 4 Weight Loss where you can find the recipes, explore restaurants, read helpful articles and more.

You can use this site as your guide for eating healthy, losing weight and getting fit and healthy for life. The restaurants and recipes have both nutrition information as well as Weight Watchers points.

So you can eat out with confidence or make your own meals at home regardless if you are a WW member or not.

Lose Weight - Get Fit for Free

Losing weight and becoming a healthier you can be free. With the right commitment, motivation and information you can achieve your goals.

Shedding those extra pounds and inches can be a struggle. Armed with the right information, lots of positive thinking and healthier choices is the key to success.

If you are serious about losing those extra pounds and keeping it off, then this site will become one of your best friends.


Featured Articles

MyWW Overview

Weight Watchers (now just WW) introduced the new MyWW in November 2019. Check it out with this MyWW Overview article.

Healthy Chicken Recipes

For those members following the MyWW Blue or Purple, these recipes are a must try as many are made with chicken breast. That means these recipes are lower in SmartPoints due to the ingredients with zero points. View all the Chicken Recipes.

Walking for Exercise

Walking is not only a great way to enjoy the weather, but it has many health benefits. Try power walking to also burn a few calories. Check it out with this article on Walking for Exercise.

Weight Watchers Highlights

New! - MyWW Overview. See what it's all about and how you can lose weight on a plan that is taylored to you.

Be sure to visit the restaurant guide before ordering your favorite menu item. You will find the Smartpoints, Points Plus and original points value for each place. Many resatuarants are still open for curb-side pickup or delivery. So give yourself the night off and order take out knowing the points values or nutrition information.


Zero points are now color-coded on the MyWW. Find the list that is for the plan you are following;

Green Zero Point Foods.
Blue Zero Point Foods.
Purple Zero Point Foods.

If you are not sure what the points values are for your foods, then use this free online SmartPoints calculator to find out.

Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss

Check out all the recipes on this site. Below are a few of the featured recipes you can try today. Each one comes with list of ingredients, directions, recipe nutrition and Weight Watchers Points.

No matter what weight loss plan you are following, you can track what you need with the information available on these meals.

Recipe Highlights

Here are this months recipe picks.

This festive dinner is easy clean up as the whole meal is prepared in one skillet.
This is a tasty, light and healthy main dish that you can have for lunch or dinner.
Time to fire up the grill for this juicy stuffed tenderloin recipe.
No need for a campfire on these tasty treats. Just use the microwave.
This dressing goes great with a salad for a light lunch or as a dip for your veggies.
This Tex-Mex appetizer recipe gives potato skins a new twist and a bit of a kick.
This easy recipe takes only 5 minutes prep time and 25 to bake. So if you are short on time, plan this meal.
Spice up your morning with this green chili breakfast burrito recipe.

Be sure to check out all the healthy recipes to plan your meals for the week.

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