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Welcome! to Exercise 4 Weight Loss where you can build your perfect meal plan and fitness routines.

You can use this site as your guide for eating healthy, losing weight and getting fit and healthy for life. Eat out with confidence by using the restaurant nutrition and points information or make your own meals at home.

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    Weight Loss Resolutions

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    Weight Watchers FreeStyle

    Learn more about Weight Watchers new FreeStyle program.

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    Restaurant Points & Nutrition

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    Banana Bread French Toast

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Lose Weight - Get Fit for Free

Losing weight and becoming a healthier you can be free. With the right commitment, motivation and information you can achieve your goals.

Shedding those extra pounds and inches can be a struggle. Armed with the right information, lots of positive thinking and healthier choices is the key to success.

If you are serious about losing those extra pounds and keeping it off, then this site will become one of your best friends.

Smart Points

Smart Points are here! All restaurants have been updated (or will be within a week) to show the numbers for Weight Watchers latest program.

Now on to the recipes. I will be updating these over the next couple of months.

Be sure to learn more about Weight Watchers Freestyle program. If you have not yet switched (or joined) then this is a must read to find out more.

Healthy Recipes

Check out all the recipes on this site. Below are a few of the featured recipes you can try tonight. Each one comes with list of ingredients, directions, recipe nutrition and Weight Watchers Points.

Fitness Videos

The links below are to fitness video series for a particular type of exercise or group of muscle.

With step by step instructions and a video guide, you will know you are doing them correctly.

Dumbbell Exercises

Senior Strength Training

Workout Routines

Abdominal Crunches

These are just a few of the free videos on this site.  Be sure to visit the free fitness videos page to see all the free videos available.

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