Teen Weight Loss

If you are seeking teen weight loss, either for yourself or as a concerned parent, you want to ensure you do it the healthy way.

With approximately 12.5 million of our nation’s children overweight, it’s no wonder so many of you are looking for easy weight loss.

It's unfortunate, but many teens will obsess over losing weight when they are within acceptable levels already.

While it is great to want to look your best and stay fit, you don't want to lose important nutrients by crash dieting if you are not overweight.

So before you start a new diet make sure you really do need to lose weight.

Do You Need to Lose Weight?

Before starting a diet plan for your teen weight loss, make sure you really are overweight or at a risk of being obese.

To start you need to know your Body Mass Index (BMI). You don't want to use an adult BMI calculator as this will not give you the proper interpretation of the numbers.

Instead, use this Child and Teen Online BMI Calculator from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) to find out your BMI and what percentile you fall in.

Your BMI is used as a tool to evaluate potential weight issues. It is not the only means of determining if you are obese or overweight.

The best thing to do if you are unsure of the BMI results is to ask your doctor. They have additional means to determine if you have excess body fat and should begin a weight loss program.

However, if the results state you are not at a healthy weight (and are overweight), then keep reading for some tips on losing weight for teenagers.

The below tips are about the "don'ts" of teen dieting.

Don't Crash Diet

As a teen, your body is still growing and changing, and getting the proper nutrition is critical to your growth process. 

Crash dieting usually means extreme reduction of calories, depriving your body of key energy and nutrients. 

In fact, crash dieting for anyone, including adults, generally leads to reduced metabolism and ultimately weight gain.

Fad diets and crash diets that reduce calorie intake too extreme will show some short term results, even for teens. 

However, the body’s natural defences take over and will slow down your metabolism, conserving energy. 

It begins to store your foods as fat and reduces your Basal Metabolic Rate.  This is why after the short period of time people hit a weight loss plateau.

They then eventually gain the weight back and then some.

woman eating tomato An extremely low calorie teen weight loss diet can cause health problems for anyone but is especially damaging to teens. 

Because teenagers are still growing, their body needs higher amounts of calories and nutrients.

These calories and nutrients supply the body with the energy it needs for the growing process. 

Without them, you may experience skin and hair problems, extreme tiredness, bone weakness as well as hormonal problems.

Say No to Laxatives & Unsafe Diet Pills

Recent surveys show that some teenagers are resorting to using laxatives as a way for quick weightdiet pills loss for teens. 

Laxatives are for a specific purpose and weight loss is not one of them. 

Using laxatives for teen weight loss is neither a healthy approach nor a successful approach. 

Here’s why laxatives don’t work as an easy weight loss for teens and can be harmful to your health.
  • Most of the weight loss is primarily water weight loss and not fat loss
  • Using laxatives speeds up the digestive system which can reduce the absorption of vitamins and nutrients you need.
Extended use of laxatives can ultimately lead to dependency on laxatives for bowel movements.  This is because it can damage and upset the colon.

Instead of using laxatives, make sure you are getting enough fiberous foods, yogurts and fruits.

Skip Fad Diets

Most fad diets have some kind of gimmick that they use to lure you into their “perfect and fast way to lose weight”.

The truth is, most fad diets are just a fancy way of saying an extremely low calorie diet. 

banana with tape measureFad diets, like crash dieting, can be harmful to your growing process and tend to lead to additional weight gain once the initial quick weight loss is over.

With any teen weight loss plan, you need to make sure it consists of a healthy eating plan.  This advice applies to both adults and teens, but for teens is especially critical. 

Not only do you need to make sure you are getting the right types of foods and teen calorie intake, you are at a younger age where building a new healthy lifestyle is critical for not only your teen years, but your adult life.

Now that we’ve talked about what not to do, you are probably asking yourself, what can I do to lose weight? 

Check out these healthy quick teen weight loss tips to help you start losing weight today.

Here are some tips for parents to help their overweight teen.

Be sure to check out the free weight loss programs.  These programs are totally free and there's even a free weight loss for teens program.

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