Free Fitness Videos

This page will guide you to free fitness videos on this site.  

These exercise videos are generally a short clip to show you how to perform the exercise correctly.

The links below will direct you to the fully illustrated exercises plus a step by step how to instructions.

When exercising you want to make sure you are doing it correctly to get the most benefit from your workout.

This is especially true for strength training and stretching exercises.

There are several video series that will target specific muscles in your body. To see a brief description and the links for the video series, scroll down the page or use the below links to jump to that area on this page.

Abdominals        Back      Seniors        Strengthening       Stretching     

Abdominal Exercises

This group of exercise instructions target your abdominal muscles.

Do a variety of these exercises to help flatten your stomach and get your six pack abs.

There are three different instructional pages for the abdominal exercises. Use the links below to go to the workout you want to perform.

Abdominal Crunches

Abdominal Transvere Exercises

Oblique Muscle Workout

Back Exercises

There are three different groups of exercise instructions for the back exercise series. The first two are strengthening exercises; one series is for the lower back and the other series is the upper back.

There is one series for back stretching exercises that will stretch both the upper and lower back.

Keeping your back healthy and strong can help prevent injuries from every day activities.

Click on a link below to go to the back workout you want to try.

Lower Back Exercises
Upper Back Exercises
Back Stretches

Senior Exercises

There are several different videos in the senior chair exercises series.

You will find strengthening exercises for the upper and lower body, stretches, abdominal exercises and even a chair aerobics free fitness video.

Most of these exercises are performed from the safety of a chair.

They are great for seniors as well as those with physical limitations.

Here are the exercise video series for seniors.

Senior Strength Training Exercises

Chair Exercises

Balance Exercises
    Senior Stretching

    Strengthening Exercises

    The strengthening exercise videos are broken down into several areas based on equipment used. There are toning exercises that will use just your body weight.

    You will also find exercises to strengthen the upper and lower body using either dumbbell weights or resistance bands.

    Simply click on the free fitness video series you want to do to tighten and tone your body.

    Toning Exercises

    Upper Body Dumbbell Workout

    Lower Body Dumbbell Exercises

    You can also select individual workouts on the dumbbell exercises page.

    If you want a full workout for the upper and lower body, check out this 20 minute exercise video.

    Resistance Training

    You can strengthen your muscles using resistance bands with these fitness videos. There is a series for the lower body and another series for the upper body to give you a full body workout.

    Lower Body Resistance Training
    Upper Body Resistance Training

    Isometric Exercises are another great way to strengthen muscles. Learn more about this static workout with this article.

    Stretching Exercises

    With this section you will find stretches for the lower body including legs, hips, calves and more. There are also upper body stretches that will lengthen the chest, shoulder and arm muscles.

    There are even stretches you can perform at the comfort of your desk. Or try the senior stretches with many of them performed in the safety of a chair.

    Lower Body Stretches

    Upper Body Stretches
    These are currently being worked on and will be available in a couple of days. Until then, use the link above for the old format.

    Desk Stretches

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