Chair Exercises for Seniors

Chair exercises, as the name suggests, are exercises that are done while sitting down in a chair. These types of workouts are good for seniors that have pain and soreness in their joints or with limited stability.

You can scroll down the page to see all the videos or use the link below to go to a specific type of exercise.

Strength Training        Balance Exercises        Stretching        Aerobics

These seated workouts are also good for those who have physical limitations or those who are recovering from an injury.

With any exercise program for those that have these limitations, first check with your doctor. You can discuss your limitations and find out if there are any exercises that you should not do.

There are several categories to these chair workouts. You will find strengthening exercises, stretching, aerobics, balance exercises and even an aerobics workout done in a chair.

Most of these free senior fitness videos have six exercises to each series. Some do require additional exercise equipment like a resistance band or a light weight dumbbell.

While not all of these are done in a chair, most of them are. There are a few stretching exercises done on an exercise mat.

The balance exercises of course are not done while sitting down. That would defeat the purpose of those workouts. Instead you will use a chair to help you balance while performing the exercise.

So make sure you have a comfortable but appropriate chair. The kitchen chair or a folding chair works best.

Senior Strength Training

This chair exercises video series will strengthen the upper and lower body muscles. These muscles include the biceps, triceps, hip flexors, quadriceps, hamstrings and more.

To start this series from the beginning, go to the senior strength training exercise page. If you want to try just one or two of these, use the links below.

Upper Body

Senior Seated Row Exercise

Tricep Exension using Dumbbell

Upper Body Chair Workout
    This is a quick 3 minute upper body workout done in a chair using resistance bands.

Lower Body

Chair Squat

Seated Knee Lift

Lower Back Press with Exercise Ball

Lower Body Chair Workout

Seated Abdominal Exercises

Balance Exercises

This series will help you with your balance. The focus of these exercises is to build strength in your legs in order to give you additional stability.

To do all of these from the beginning, go to the senior balance exercises page or you can use a link below to go to a specific exericse.

Sit to Stand

Knee Raise

Side Leg Raise

Hip Extension

Posture Exercises

Senior Balance Workout

This is a five minute workout doing senior balancing exercises. You will need a chair to help maintain stability while doing this workout.

Senior Stretching Exercises

Included in this chair exercises video series is a warm up routine. Prior to stretching those muscles, you want to make sure you warm them up.

To start from the beginning go to the senior stretching exercise page. You can also use a link below to go directly to a particular stretch,

Chair Warm Up Exercise

Biceps, Shoulder and Chest Press Stretch

Lower Back Stretch

Arms and Wrists Stretch
Hamstring Stretch

Shin Stretch

Misc. Lower Body Stretches

These stretches are performed on an exercise mat and not in a chair.


The last of the chair exercises videos for seniors is a chair aerobics routine. This is not a series but rather just one video. The intent is for you to follow along with the video.

Go to the aerobics chair exercises video.

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