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Upper Body Resistance Training

The upper body resistance training exercise video series is all about sculpting the shoulders, chest, arms and more.

These are all done with bands to provide the resistance you need to create lean, strong muscles.

Each video, along with step by step instructions, are on their own page making it easier to follow the workout.

When using resistance bands you want to have a variety of different resistance.

This way you can use the stronger bands for the larger muscles like for the chest press or bicep curls.

Use a lighter band for working the triceps and shoulders.  

In this series, you will find exercises for the triceps, biceps, shoulders chest and even the upper back.

If you are looking for just the back area, check out this video series.

Many of these workouts can also be performed using dumbbell or free weights. The advantage of using bands is that they are lighter and more transportable so you can take them wherever you go.

Upper Body Resistance Band Exercises List

You can use the links below to go directly to a specific exercise for the upper body workout series. 

If you want to view all of these workouts, just use the next/previous buttons located at the bottom of each page.

You can do these in order for your upper body strength training, or mix and match as you want.

To start these exercises from the beginning, use the next button below.

Advantages of Resistance Bands

Using bands for your strength training has some disadvantages as well as advantages.

One of the disadvantages is that you may out grow this type of equipment.

As you tone your muscles, you may find that the bands no longer offer the resistance you need for your current fitness level.

However, there are many advantages for using the bands. Here are just a few.

Cost Effective

As far as exercise equipment goes, this one is very cost effective. You can pick them up at many different types of stores or even as a free gift when purchasing certain workout videos.

Scalable Resistance

Another great benefit of bands is that you can adjust your resistance in a couple of ways. One is to purchase bands in varying strengths from light to heavy resistance.

The second way to add or reduce resistance is by the way you hold the bands. For more resistance you can simply wrap the band around the hands a few times until you have the right tension.

Give the band more slack by holding it at the very end and do not wrap it around the hands.

Easy Storage

Unlike dumbbell weights, free weights and large pieces of exercise equipment, the bands can be stored using very little space.

Just fold them and tuck them away in a drawer until your next upper body resistance training workout.

Many of these upper body resistance training exercises can also be done with dumbbell exercises.

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