WW Points Plus Calculator


The Weight Watchers points plus calculator on this page is a free online tool. You can use it to find the values in the foods you eat.

Tracking the points can ensure you stay within your limits and reach your goals. The below tool is intended for those still following WW points plus system.

If you are on the new plan, then use this SmartPoints calculator. If you are looking for the calculator for the original method, click here.

Points Plus Calculator

Total Fat (g)
Carbs (g)
Fiber (g)
enter 0 if not available
Protein (g)

The Pts Plus Is

The plus values require the following nutritional values;

Total Fat (g), Carbohdrates (g), Fiber (g) and Protein (g). If fiber information is not available, use zero.

Input the required nutritional information in the calculator above. Then click "calculate" to find out the total Weight Watchers Points Plus values for that food item.

Use the reset button to clear all fields. You can also just input the next item's nutrition information and click calculate again.

Find out the calculation behind this points plus calculator by checking out this article.

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