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If you are looking for the Weight Watchers Points for Panda Express then you have come to the right page. Not only are the WW points listed but you can also find Panda Express restaurant nutrition information.

For the Weight Watchers members all points are rounded to the nearest whole value.

If you are following the new method, use the numbers in the first column highlighted in purple.

If you are looking for the original values, then use the next column highlighted in gray.

If you are not a member use the Panda Express nutrition information.

You can track your calories, carbohydrates or even reduce your total fat with the information below.

Additional restaurant nutrition includes saturated fat, fiber, protein, sodium and sugars.

Use the interactive features to view the Weight Watchers Points or restaurant nutrition. 

Click here for help on using the interactive features of the table below.

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Weight Watchers Points & Nutrition

ww points panda express
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Menu Group Menu Item Serv SPts Pts + Org Pts Cal Tfat Sfat Fib Pro Carb Sug
Click on any menu item to see additional nutrition information
Menu Group Menu Item Serv SPts Pts + Org Pts Cal Tfat Sfat Fib Pro Carb Sug

Nutrition Key:

SPts = Smart Points
Pts + =Points Plus
Org Pts = Original WW Points
Cal = Calories(kCal)
TFat = Total Fat(g
SFat = Saturated Fat(g)
Fib = Dietary Fiber(g)
Pro = Protein(g)
Carb = Carbohydrates(g)
Sug = Sugar(g)

The Panda Express restaurant nutrition information used to calculate WW points and points plus were obtained on 10/2016 at the following link;

Panda Express Nutrition

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