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Points Plus Allowance Calculation

Target and Modified Target

The next steps for the points plus allowance calculation is finding the target and the modified target. You will use the information from the previous step, Adjusted Total Energy Expenditure (ATEE).

Target - Step 3

Now we are ready to determine the target. While this step sounds like it is the last one, it's not.

Remember I said this was a complicated process and this is where things get a bit fuzzy.

Before diving into the target formula, I want to mention a few things. First, like with the old points system the new points plus method also has a minimum and maximum daily points plus allowance.

These are 26 (min) and 71 (max). In order for people to land within these min and max levels, there is a min and max of 1,000 and 2500 respectively in this next formula.

This ensures someone does not fall outside the min and max ranges.

So without further ado, here is the target formula;

Target = round ((min(max(ATEE - 1000, 1000), 2500) / 35)

So basically, what this means is that the ATEE - 1000 must fall within the min of 1000 kCal and max of 2500 kCal. So if your ATEE - 1000 is below 1000, then set it to 1000. If it is above 2500, set it to 2500. Therefore the target for someone who's ATEE is below 1000 would look like this;

Target = round (1000 / 35) or 29 daily points plus allowance. As of 1/1/2012, the minimum is now 26 pts. The formula remained the same (based on Wikipedia). The new minimum is determined in the next formula steps, therefore this formula apparently stayed the same.


As of 1/1/2012, the min was decreased from 29 pts to 26 pts. The formula below is based on the original 29 pts minimum. However, these are the min/max as reported for the formula. 
For someone outside the max range, it would look like this;

Target = round (2500 / 35) or 71 daily points plus allowance.

Let's take our above example and apply it to this target formula. Remember the ATEE was 3063.34. So here's how the formula would look;

Target = round (3063.34 - 1000) / 35

Since the ATEE - 1000 is not below 1,000 or above 2,500, we do not have to worry about the min and max portion of the formula. So the target for this example would be;

Target = round 2063.34 / 35 = 59 points plus allowance.

For this example, the Target is 59.

As mentioned above, this is not the final daily allowance. Although you would think it would stop here, there is yet another (and even more fuzzy) component to determine a person's final daily allowance.

Modified Target - Final Step 

This last formula, the modified target, is based on "Weight Watchers boards discussing the patent and identifying an additional constant offset from the patent by a value of 11 in the middle of the points range, or 7 + 4."

According to Wikipedia article on the new points plus system. So the modified target, which I believe is the target daily allowance Weight Watchers calculates for you, would look like this;

Modified Target = round (((ATEE - 1000, 1000) / 35) - 4 - 7, 26),71)

If your ATEE minus 1000 is less than 1000, then use 1000. However, if your ATEE - 1000 is greater than 1000, then use the actual for this final formula.

If the results are more than the 71, then you would set your allowance to the 71 max value.

If your results are below 26, then you would set the minimum to the 26 points plus allowance.

For example, your ATEE was 3800, then the formula would look like this;

round ((3800 - 1000) / 35) - 4 - 7 = 69 points plus daily allowance.

Using the above example, the original target formula results in 80 points. However, with the modified target formula, by taking into consideration the offset of the 11 points, the final daily target is 69.

Let's get back to our original example with the 45 year old man weighing 245 lbs and is 5'9" tall. We have determined a TEE of 3181.49, an ATEE of 3063.34 and a target of 59 points. Now let's apply this information to the modified target formula;

Modified Target = round ((3063.34 - 1000) / 35) - 4 - 7

Remember that 3063.34 is his ATEE and since his ATEE minus a 1,000 is above the minimum level, we will just use the actual numbers and do not have to use the min of 1,000.

Modified Target = round (2063.34 / 35) - 4 - 7 = 48 points plus allowance.

So for our example, his final (modified) daily allowance target is 48 points. You may be wondering why you couldn't just take the results from the target and minus it by 11 to get this modified target allowance. Well below are examples of where this would not work.

For this first example, let's assume the person's target calculated out to 36 points. If we simply use the logic of target - 11 to get the modified, then this person's new modified target would be 25 points.

Since this is below the min daily points plus allowance, then this simplified formula would not work. In this case the points would be set to 26 so as not to be below the minimum allowed.

The other example is for when the results are outside the min/max range. Let's say a person's target came out to 85 points.

If we simply took this minus 11, then the modified target would be 74 which is higher than the max allowance allowed.

Points Plus Allowance Summary

Points for Nursing Moms

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After reading this article you may feel like you just took some advanced math quiz.

The daily points plus allowance formulas are involved and it does take several steps.

Remember that your daily modified target will need to adjust as any of the variables adjust (age, weight, etc.).

The simplest method is to use the online etools from Weight Watchers, get this information from your leader or use the new points plus calculator.

In addition to the new points plus allowance, find out how to calculate the points values for foods with the new points plus system.

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