Dumbbell Forward Lunge

Lower Body Dumbbell Exercises Video Series

The dumbbell forward lunge in a variation of the previous two videos in this lower body exercises series.

As with the other two, this will target those large lower body muscles including the glutes, hamstrings and quadraceps.

The primary muscle targeted is the quads. Secondary muscles include the hamstrings and glutes as well as the hip flexors and lower back muscles.

As with any lunge exercise, you want to make sure you are doing it properly so that you don't stress the lower back.

Proper form is a must for this exercise in order to build and strengthen these muscles without injuring them.

Exercise #3 - Forward Lunge

Below are the step by step instructions followed by the exercise video so that you can watch how it's done.
  1. Stand with feet shoulder width apart and back straight.
  2. Place a dumbbell in each hand and hold them at your side. You can also hold these up by the shoulders in a racked position.
  3. Take a giant step forward with the left leg.
  4. Bend both knees and press down towards the ground to where the back knee is almost touching the ground.
  5. Keep bending and lifting up on this leg for several reps.
  6. Return to starting position and repeat on the other leg. 
You can also do this as an alternating lunge by performing this exercise on one leg and then alternating to the other leg.

Watch the video below to ensure you are doing the this move correctly. 

Not all mobile devices will display the video correctly. If you are not seeing the full video (or it's not displaying at all), click here to view the dumbbell forward lunge on youtube.

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