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This page shows the Weight Watchers points as well as nutrition information for Runza restaurant. If you are tracking what you eat, then use the values on this page. You will find both the original points as well as the new points plus values.

If you are not a member then you can use the Runza nutrition information to track what you need. You will find calories, total fat, carbohydrates and more.

Use the interactive features to view the Weight Watchers Points or restaurant nutrition. 

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Weight Watchers Points & Nutrition

 ww points runza

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Note: *The Runza® Way = ketchup, mustard, onion, pickle, lettuce, tomato  **Deluxe = lettuce, tomato, mayo

Menu Group Menu Item Serv SPts Pts + Org Pts Cal Tfat Sfat Fib Pro Carb Sug
Click on any menu item to see additional nutrition information
Menu Group Menu Item Serv SPts Pts + Org Pts Cal Tfat Sfat Fib Pro Carb Sug

Nutrition Key:

SPts = Smart Points
Pts + =Points Plus
Org Pts = Original WW Points
Cal = Calories(kCal)
TFat = Total Fat(g
SFat = Saturated Fat(g)
Fib = Dietary Fiber(g)
Pro = Protein(g)
Carb = Carbohydrates(g)
Sug = Sugar(g)

The Runza restaurant nutrition information used to calculate WW points and points plus were obtained on 10/2016 at the following link;

Runza Nutrition

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