Weight Watchers Allowance

WW Original Points System

This page explains the Weight Watchers Allowance for the original points method. You will learn how the daily allowance is determined as well as what the weekly allowance is for those following this weight loss plan.

As you probably know, the plus system was first introduced in 2011.

There were many changes with this new system.

The biggest difference was how food points were calculated. Other changes included the allowance and activity points.

With the introduction of the new points plus, this method is no longer being used at the meetings or online tool. However, many people have elected to keep following this method.

Therefore, this overview is for those of you still wanting to track points but use the original system.

If you are looking for answers on how to calculate the new points plus system, click here to learn more.

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Food Points Calculation

Activity Points Calculation

Daily Allowance Points

Now you know how to calculate Weight Watchers points for the foods you eat. What you need to know now is how many points you are allowed each day. This is called the "Daily Allowance".

Each person is assigned a certain amount of points they can have in a day.

The number of allowance points depends on their weight, age, gender and height. 

Additionally you are given 35 flex points that you can use for the week. 

These flex points allow you to have an occasion treat that you may not otherwise get if you stuck to just the daily points allowance.

You are not required to use either the daily allowance or the weekly points if you don't want to.

They are there in case you need them. So don't be afraid to use them when needed.

This way you can enjoy those special occasions, treat yourself to a tasty treat or for a night out with the family.

For the Weight Watchers Allowance on the original system, you are given points based on certain criteria. Based on gender, age, activity, height and weight, you will be given certain points.

The total of all of these become your daily allowance.

Below are the general guidelines for the original points allowance based on the variables.

  • 8 points for men
  • 2 points for women
  • Women who are solely nursing add another 10 pts
  • Women who are supplementing breastfeeding with some solid foods and/or formula add another 5 pts

  • 4 points for ages 17 - 26 years old
  • 3 points for ages 27 - 37 years old
  • 2 points for ages 38 - 47 years old
  • 1 point for ages 48 - 58 years old
  • 0 points if over 58 years old

  • 0 points if under 5'1" 
  • 1 point for 5'1" - 5'10"
  • 2 points if over 5'10"

  • 0 points if you spend most of the day sitting
  • 2 points if you spend most of the day standing
  • 4 points if you are walking most of the time
  • 6 points if you are doing hard, physical labor


Add 10% of your weight (in pounds). You can simplify this by just taking the first 2 digits of your weight and add to the points allowance.


Total up all the above items to determine your daily allowance.

For example, a 35 year old female, weighing 172 pounds that is 5'4" tall and spends her day sitting at a desk would have the following points allowance;

Gender - 2 pts
Age - 3 pts
Height - 1 pt 
Activity - 0 pts 
Weight - 17 pts

This would give her a total of 23 points for her daily allowance.  

Keep in mind that there is a minimum of 18 pts and max of 44 points on Weight Watchers original system.

This means a person cannot be below or above the minimum. So if your totals fall outside the range, then set your points allowance to the min or max (whichever applies).

Flex Points - Weekly Allowance

In addition to these daily points each member is given a weekly allowance. On the original system, these were referred to as Flex Points.

There is no formula for these points, whether it is a set amount for all members.

Each person following the original method gets 35 weekly points allowance to use as they need or want.

In order to lose weight with the Weight Watchers points system you need to stay within your allowable points for the day and the week.

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