Points Plus Allowance for Nursing Moms

Nursing Mothers and Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers Points Plus program gives each member a daily allowance.

This allowance is based on several factors such as age, weight, height and gender.

There is a maximum allowance of 71 points.

There is also a minimum of 26 points plus daily allowance.

Additionally everyone gets a weekly allowance of 49 points to use as needed.

The above factors and points are for most everyone.

If you are a nursing mother, then there is an additional factor you need to consider.

This factor is the nursing factor – or basically, how much you nurse your baby.

Adapting Your Daily Allowance for Nursing

baby and motherAs a nursing mother, you need to ensure you get the right amount of nutrition for you and your baby.

This is why you are given additional daily points plus allowance for nursing. Here's the breakdown.

Exclusively Nursing
14 additional points

When you are nursing exclusively (and not supplementing with baby foods or formula), then give yourself an additional 14 daily points allowance.

So if your daily allowance calculated out to 32 (based on age, weight, height and gender) simply add the 14 for a total of 46 points a day.

The above points allowance values are just an example. Make sure to use your calculator or check with your leader for your numbers.

Supplemental Nursing
7 additional points

Once your baby starts eating solid foods or if you are supplementing with formula, then you will only be adding an addition 7 points to your daily allowance. So in this example, if your allowance is 32, add 7 points to make it a total of 39 daily allowance points.

Once you have weaned your baby of nursing, you will no longer have additional points for your daily allowance. Simply use the allowance that is calculated based on your information. Don't forget you also get the 49 weekly allowance points whether you are nursing or no longer nursing.

Points Plus for Nursing Moms- Getting the Right Nutrition

While the extra points help you and your baby stay healthy while losing weight, you also want to focus on getting the right nutrition during this time.

Since you have different nutritional needs when you are nursing, you'll need to make some adjustments to them.


You will want to increase the number of servings for milk products to at least three. This will ensure you are getting the right calcium, protein and fluids needed while you are nursing.

Fruit and Veggies

Make sure to get at least 8 servings per day for these foods. The good thing is most fruits and veggies are now zero points on the new program. So you can get all you need for you and your baby without using up the points allowance. Another great thing about the fruits and veggies are these are power foods. So you are getting more than just zero point foods, you are getting zero point Power Foods.

Lean Proteins

Another Power Food you will want to get in is your lean proteins. Bump these up to 3 servings per day while nursing. This helps maintain your muscle mass and keeps your milk supply constant

Healthy Oils

Make sure to get the vitamin E you and your baby need with 3 teaspoons of healthy oils each day.


Don't forget to drink your water as well. Increase your intake from 6 glasses a day to 8. This will also help with the milk supply for your baby as well as keep you hydrated and losing weight.

Weight Loss While Nursing

While all new moms would love to get their body back right away, you want to make sure you don't lose weight too quickly.

As a nursing mother, you want to ensure your baby is getting the nutrition they need to grow healthy and strong.

According to the American College of OB/GYNs, a weight loss of 1 lb per week while breastfeeding is safe and does not negatively affect your baby's growth.

If you lose weight faster than 1 pound a week, you may not be getting all the nutrition you and your baby need.

If you are losing weight too quickly, increase your daily points plus allowance. Try adding 2 extra points each day.

Monitor your weight closely and keep adjusting as needed until you achieve a healthy weight loss for you while nursing your baby.

Here's more information on Weight Watchers Points Plus

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