Biggest Loser Diet Review

The Biggest Loser Diet is not just a television  show, but might be the latest in weight loss programs. When first introduced, many people thought this was just another fad diet craze.

But as the show gained popularity and the contestants continued to achieve amazing results, this diet started turning some heads.

This program has seen some real results and is based on a healthy lifestyle change, making this program worth a second look.

If you’re a fan of the show, then this weight loss program may be just the ticket for you. 

You have seen the show and the results, now you want these same results for yourself; and why not.

The contestants on the show have achieved amazing results and have shown this program can help you lose weight fast.

Even if you don’t have over a hundred pounds to lose, the diet is designed to work for everyone including you.

The word diet in their program is a bit misleading as the word diet tends to infer “short term”.  This is not a short term diet plan but rather teaches you how to lose the weight and keep it off; making it a lifestyle change. 

I should warn you that this plan is not for those who refuse to exercise.  It will require activity so get out your walking shoes and be prepared to get sweaty.

If you are not afraid of exercise, and want to lose weight, then keep on reading to learn more about this diet plan and see if it's right for you.


This section is an overview of the foods you get with the Biggest Loser Diet. The basis of this plan is the 4 – 3 – 2 - 1.

This is 4 servings of fruits and veggies, 3 servings of lean protein, 2 servings of whole grains and 1 serving of “extras” like fats, oils, sweets or alcohol.

You can select what ever extra you want as long as it is no more than 200 calories.  

This plan suggests selecting whole foods with no added sugars, fats or salt.  Whole fruits and vegetables are recommended over juices or dried fruits. 

You should have protein with each meal, dividing out the 3 servings amongst 4 to 6 smaller meals. So an example daily menu might look something like this;

Breakfast – ½ serving protein, 1 serving whole grain, ½ serving fruit

Snack – ½ serving protein, ½ veggie, ½ serving fruit

Lunch – 1 serving protein, ½ serving vegetable, ½ serving whole grain

Snack – ½ serving protein, ½ serving veggie and ½ serving fruit

Dinner – ½ serving protein, ½ serving whole grain, ½ serving fruit and ½ serving vegetable

Remember you have 1 serving of “extra” that you can fit into any of your meals during the day.  One way to make these smaller meals go further is through your food selections. 

Bulky foods that contain a lot of fiber help make you feel full longer pushing away the hunger pains.  During the twelve week program, you’ll lose plenty of weight if done to their specifications.

Serving Sizes

The portion size of the servings on the Biggest Loser Diet is determined by your current weight.  Basically, to determine your calorie intake for this program you take your current weight times seven. 

For the television show, contestants use a factor of times 6 in order to achieve quicker results. 

Using this formula, a person weighing 150 pounds would be allotted 1,050 calories a day while someone weighing 300 pounds would have 2,100 calories. 

Once your calories are determined, this will dictate your portion size for the foods allowed on this program. 

Be sure to read food labels for calorie content for serving size and stay clear of the “bad fats” and added sugars.


As I stated earlier, the Biggest Loser diet is not for those who refuse to exercise.  You will get plenty of exercise on this diet plan; both aerobics and strength training.  The exercise plan follows the regimen of show trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels.

Week after week they grind contestants into the ground with grueling workouts that include strengthening and cardio exercises.  The results are amazing and with this extreme workout routine, you too can lose weight fast.


The online Biggest Loser Diet offers fitness programs and cardio exercise suggestions.  For the aerobics, you will start off at your level and work up to a minimum of 30 minutes a day 3 to 6 times a week. 

As with anyone starting an exercise routine, double check with your doctor if you are unsure what level and activities you can do.  Your cardio exercises can range from cycling to swimming and many in between. 

There are also programs available online for Tempo Training to Interval Training routines.

Keep in mind that the online version of the Biggest Loser Diet does not give you a personal trainer keeping you on track and yelling at you to get moving.  So you have to be disciplined in your aerobic workouts and keep pushing yourself to reach at least (if not more) 30 minutes a day.

Strength Training

With the online program you will have access to many strength and resistance training exercises.  As with the aerobics, you will start out at your level and build up the strength and resistance training to maximize your workout. 

With the online you will access to demos of the exercise to ensure you are doing them correctly for the best fat busting benefits.

Both the cardio and strength training exercises have a basic tutorial to help you get started.  Again, self discipline is key as you will not have a personal trainer in your home.  The online does offer fitness support through their experts.


All in all, this newest “trend diet” is well worth a second look. It has been endorsed by nutritionists at the University of California, the American Dietetic Association (so long as calories are at least 1,200 per day) and other fitness experts. 

The Biggest Loser Diet takes a lot of discipline but you will see results even though they may not be as extreme as those on the show.  This is one new diet trend that will help you lose weight fast.

If you are not easily motivated, ask a buddy to join you so you remain accountable to one another. Without the presence of the people helpful to the show participants, you’ll have to kick your own butt to become the next biggest loser.

If you are not sure if The Biggest Loser Diet is for you, then be sure to read all the weight loss reviews before deciding.

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