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Use these Weight Watchers Points when you eat out at Maggiano's Little Italy. In addition to the WW information you will also find the restaurant nutrition.

For members you will find both the points plus values and the original points numbers below.

The points plus numbers are highlighted in the purple column.

The next column, shown in gray, are the numbers for the original method.

So regardless of which weight loss plan you are following you will find what you need here before you eat out there.

For non members you can use the Maggiano's nutrition information to help you lose weight while eating out.

You can track calories, count carbohydrates or even reduce total fats using this information.

Additional restaurant nutrition includes saturated fat, dietary fiber, protein, sodium and sugars.

Use the interactive features to view the Weight Watchers Points or restaurant nutrition. 

Click here for help on using the interactive features of the table below.

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Weight Watchers Points & Nutrition

 ww points maggianos

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This is a known problem with FireFox in which I have not been able to get around.

Note: Nutrition did not state if dressing was included with salads.

Menu Group Menu Item Serv SPts Pts + Org Pts Cal Tfat Sfat Fib Pro Carb Sug
Click on any menu item to see additional nutrition information
Menu Group Menu Item Serv SPts Pts + Org Pts Cal Tfat Sfat Fib Pro Carb Sug

Nutrition Key:

SPts = Smart Points
Pts + =Points Plus
Org Pts = Original WW Points
Cal = Calories(kCal)
TFat = Total Fat(g
SFat = Saturated Fat(g)
Fib = Dietary Fiber(g)
Pro = Protein(g)
Carb = Carbohydrates(g)
Sod = Sodium(mg),
Sug = Sugar(g)

The Maggiano's Little Italy restaurant nutrition information used to calculate WW points and points plus were obtained on 05/2016 at the following link;

Maggiano's Nutrition

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