Skinny Vegan Diet

The Skinny Vegan Diet is one of the celebrity favorites. This diet is designed to make you lose weight and get an extremely thin and model like body.

As the name suggests, this is a vegetarian diet so not for the meat lovers.

The diet is based on a book "Skinny B****" (sorry, I can’t give you the full name due to the language but you get the idea).  

The book was written by former model Kim Barnouin and former model agent Rory Freedman. 

The name is over the top and so is the language in the book but let's focus on the meat (or meatless) and bones of this diet. 

This is basically a vegan eating plan that detoxifies the body. Keep reading to learn more about this diet plan.

The Basics

steak With the Skinny Vegan Diet, there are no animal fats allowed. 

Although the book is marketed as a “diet plan”, a lot is also based on the author’s mutual passion for animal rights. 

So for this diet you have to forego all meats, fish, fowl or anything made with animal fat or products including eggs.

According to the creators, animal products are ruining our organs and overloading our intestines.

With this fad diet you won’t count calories.  You can eat how ever much you want so long as it does not include any of the “off limit” foods. 

Here are a few of the foods that are allowed on the Skinny Vegan diet plan:
  • Organic fruits and vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Organic oils
  • Desserts made with raw sugar and unrefined ingredients
  • Water, tea, and wine (sparingly)

They do allow some processed foods like soy ice cream and veggie fries but that’s it.

Usually you eat when you are hungry or every few hours, but here, you wait until you are starving to know the feeling of true hunger.

There are more banned foods than foods you can eat. If you aren’t sure, anything that you are used to eating is probably not allowed.

Downfalls of Diet

The emphasis here is on cleansing the body to reprogram it to accept healthier foods. 

Unfortunately, this diet doesn’t list nutritional information or go by any known guidelines for daily nutritional requirements.

In fact, many vegans and vegetarians have issues with getting enough protein with the absence of meat.

You may encounter the same issue with the Skinny Vegan Diet. Other vitamins are also probably missing from the mix here as well.

Although you would probably lose weight because you are eating fewer calories, the lack of proper nutrients could put you are risk for some health issues.  

vitamins Remember, when you eat too few calories you are slowing down your metabolism. This means when you go back to a normal eating plan, your metabolic rate is now slower.  

End result usually means gaining the weight back and possibly even more than when you started this fad diet.


While the Skinny Vegan Diet has some merits with the cleansing approach, it seems to be lacking nutrients with the lack of certain types of foods.

This diet plan, while a favorite of many celebrities, seems to be too much of a "fad" diet and might not be the healthiest way to lose weight.

Before trying something this extreme, be sure to check out these eating healthy tips. Just a few simple (non extreme) changes can make a difference.

For more reviews on fad diets like the Skinny Vegan Diet, check out the Weight Loss Reviews page for several trendy diet reviews.

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